Proposals Rwanda from February, 2013

Rwanda: Promoting Women's Rights Through Social Media

  February 27, 2013

i wish to install a computer laboratory whrere will be 20 computers , in order to provide awareness young women and girls about the use of computers and photography in advocating their rights, through this work we intend to challenge the socio-economic, cultural practices that discriminate against women ang girls in our will help them to document and expose the issues and violence women and girls experience in our society.

Rwanda: Gorilla Young Filmmakers

  February 21, 2013

As Rwanda tries to come to terms with horrors of 1994 genocide, the country has attracted a lot of global media attention. It’s sad a huge chunk of Rwandan stories online today, are told by foreigners. The stories of Twa, the minority Rwandan community remains untold. Predominantly living in the forests, they know very little about the new media. We seek to reach and train them via workshops in the art of blogging, photography and video making

Rwanda: genocide a cause of trafficking and prostitution

  February 19, 2013

1994 in was a genocide against tutsi ,it is a major cause of orphans we have in our country ,and the economy of our country was destroyed by the genocide.therefore we wish to install computer laboratory and internet that will help the youth orphans of the genocide,who have involved in trafficking and prostitution . our project will access information on basic agriculture ,simple income generation activities and prevention traffics & prostitution