Proposals Rwanda from March, 2013

Rwanda: Mr Help

My project seeks to say the history of indigenous people, their role in economically,culture and traditional language and how they were discriminated during pre-colonial period even now. I will accomplish this using media and historical proverbs relating to Rwandan cultural.

Rwanda: Grassroot Girls Development through Storytelling Media Support

This project aims at supporting the strategy of empowering the Community initiatives working in favour of girls . The project gives to the girls a means of innovation while enabling them to tell, document their own experiences related to their daily activities The project will encourage the members of the community to support the basic organizations Community (OBCs) by developing their visual competences, reveal their talents to

Rwanda: VoD1000 project

Voices Of the Disabled people in the land of thousand hills or VoD1000 project will empower young people with disabilities in Rwanda to use digital media.We will offer instruction on basic internet , and social media usage, publication design, job readiness skills, and civic engagement skills during technical training for this minority.We will create blogs and provide them with speech recognition software and other useful special software tools.

Rwanda: Huza – Mobilising for Community Service

A move to leverage Rwanda’s mandatory Umuganda (monthly community service day) that brings all able bodied persons above the age of 18 and below 65 to participate in volunteer community work. This projects aims to mobilize communities to share experiences, challenges and solutions for the day aka umunsi w’umuganda, meaning “contribution made by the community as a contribution and building the country by citizens themselves.