Proposals South Africa from February, 2013

South Africa: Chatting

  February 28, 2013

The name of the company is Imbali Multimedia Centre (IMC), an association, to be incorporated under Section 21. It was formed by a group of young people some time back due to their concerns on crime, social injustice and disengagement between communities and the council within the Govan Mbeki area. This corporate association will for the purpose of its Communication business undertakings, comprises of subsidiaries; Imbali FM, Imbali Newspaper.

South Africa: The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal

  February 27, 2013

The OSCAR Project seeks to teach the disadvantaged and underprivileged youth of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa how to use the digital photography and video to document life, telling stories and events. The project will unlock learning, unlock further knowledge and skills. The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal will create opportunity, release potential and youth will achieve excellence.

South Africa: Crowdmapping Environmental Health

  February 25, 2013

To enable the community Hospital Hills, an informal settlement in Johannesburg, to raise awareness and support to address the diverse environmental health challenges facing them. This will be achieved by training community members in multimedia skills and providing them with the equipment and supervision to collectively document their concerns, and any successes, and visualise them on a Crowdmap widely accessible to the public and decision-makers

South Africa: Show Me Your Best….

  February 19, 2013

I propose to bring together online different migrant groups living in Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa. The migrant groups will use the online platform to showcase their best in terms of clothing, culture, food or something they feel proud about. It will be a forum whereby they can interact and learn about different cultures while learning how to use social media. I plan to have an online competition for the best dressed person/food/picture.

South Africa: men against rape

  February 19, 2013

The incedence of men raping and killing women is getting out of hand. it feels as if men have lost all sense of morality. this project is aimed at creating a webiste and conducting awareness campaings through rallys and cellphone apps for people to have their say against this scourge. We need to take a stand. This project seeks to provide women and men with a forum to speak about their experiences. let the world know that this is no longer isolat