Proposals Tanzania

Tanzania: Promoting Leadership Accountability to Youth

This project focuses on using online media to promote leadership accountability to youth and children's development. The blog for interaction will be created with photos of local leaders (ward councilors, Members of Parliament, City Director and Regional Commissioner) on which youth and children can ask or inform them on issues regarding to their development.

Tanzania: Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

  February 26, 2013

Violence against women and girls is the most widespread form of abuse worldwide, affecting one third of all women in their life time. Addressing violence against women and girls is a central development goal in its own right, and key to achieving other development outcomes. The project identifies tackling violence against women and girls as a priority and commits efforts to pilot new and innovative approaches prevent it using citizen media.

Tanzania: Saving the Young Generation from HIV/AIDS

  February 23, 2013

Every day thousands of babies are conceived and some are born into this world that is faced with the HIV/AIDS disease that is a threat to mankind. By using different citizen media tools e.g. blogs, social networking sites, mobile phone, digital story telling/video etc on a large scale, the project will reach out to the community with the objective creating a free HIV generation, increasing awareness of prevention of mother to child transmissio

Tanzania: Saying No Violence Against Children

  February 23, 2013

This project is dedicated to the children of Tanzania whose experience of childhood depends on what you and I do today, tomorrow and the day after. They are waiting to hold our hand, to show us what it could be like, if only we will listen and learn. The project will use citizen media to address a need to develop a comprehensive policy framework that addresses within all policy initiatives, the detriment of the current power-based model of the

Tanzania: Rising Voices of Single Woman

  February 22, 2013

The single women in Rular Area in Tanzania being marginalized and discriminated in every aspect of life from cultural traditions to laws and policies. Single women are in a worse state and still they are considered as symbols of ill-omen and the cause of the death of their husbands. This project collets and share the realistic voices of single women to transform their sorrow to strengthen in Mufindi district through creating Blog, Facebook page

Tanzania: The Attentiveness Toward EAC Integration

  February 16, 2013

To make TANZANIA communities to understand the advantages and dis advantages of EAC integration through debates, and seminars among the community for the future generation of EAC.Also the use Bongo flava musician to pass the messages of EAC using social network like Facebook,tweeter also the use of radio program with the message of EAC integration by inviting them in the radio program shows through the above ways message will reach to our target.

Tanzania: Enabling Rural Community of Malinyi Use Internet

  February 16, 2013

The project proposes training of a rural community of Malinyi in Tanzania how to use internet for communication. The area has possibility of accessing internet through mobile network, but the population lacks knowledge. The idea will be realised through trainings. The target groups will secondary school students and employees. The project aims at making population of Malinyi access the on-line forums for presenting their views on various issues.

Tanzania: Presenting the Legal Problems Through Radio

  February 16, 2013

In Kilolo District where the majority do own cellphones there is no access of legal aid providers.This is because all the legal and human rights centers are found in town.In those areas the women,girls and children are violated their rights but cannot be heard. The project intends to link the radio station such as clauds fm,ebony in Iringa region with areas particulary in kilolo where it will be easy to present and share the problems.

Tanzania: Young Green Bloggers

  February 15, 2013

Young Green Bloggers is the project designed to train youth members from Tanzania Youth Environmental Network (TAYEN) to use online and social media communication channels including facebook, twitter and YouTube. The project will train 20 youth from secondary schools and Universities on how to create and use social media to educate and increase awareness on climate change problem and environmental conservation to other youth in Tanzania.