Proposals Uganda from February, 2013

Uganda: Girls Out Loud: Coming to Kampala

  February 28, 2013

We will empower vulnerable and internally displaced girls in Kampala through citizen journalism & photography training. They will explore what it means, to them, to bring their unique culture to the big city. GCN will create a blog and page on our website for girls’ stories to be told through photos and videos. The project will show the world the realities of girls’ lives and help other girls gain confidence to tell their stories with pride.

Uganda: Techology and Human Rights Information Sharing Platform

  February 28, 2013

Youth Partnership Uganda intends to implement a project that will focus on enforcing women rights through encouraging and promoting gender equality specifically among the youth. this project will focus solely on information sharing among women, men and the youth through blogging and video graphing. this will focus on training beneficiaries on how to use blogs and digital cameras to capture information and share it with other people on globe.

Uganda: Namayina Rural Community Media Project

  February 28, 2013

The project aims at training community media personnel to run an indigenous community blog that will provide updated news about all the development programs and events that take place within Namayina community. The project will empower the media personnel with communication and news reporting skills, use of internet and website blog uploading and pave a way to reach a larger community and share news and experiences in community development.

Uganda: Using ICT’s for Legal Access

  February 28, 2013

The project will provide smart phones to 40 already existing AHURIO network of Legal Aid Community Resource persons (LACORPS) and trained in using web 2.0 tools and other smart phones mobile technologies to monitor, document and report cases of human rights violations in Rural Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo districts. After the training cases of human rights abuses will reduce.

Uganda: Empowering the Voiceless Pygmies

  February 28, 2013

Project seeks to get volunteers to train the community in digital documentation so that they can write their content, relevant to their community, take pride in their culture, lead, develop, change and voice their issues to a bigger audience. The rural poor will have accelerated social change, empowered individuals for global and national consumption but most importantly, it will grant them an opportunity to tell its own story.

Uganda: Raising Voices of Slum Dwellers in Kawempe

  February 28, 2013

Residents in Bwaise and Kalerwe slums live in settlement extremely congested, prone to floods and disease spread is wide as a result of floods. The project aim is to empower dwellers to access citizen media and make their problems known to the public. Selected participants will be trained to blog and upload captions of situation scenes on social networks and video coverage, creating a documentary which will be uploaded on youtube.

Uganda: Self-help Foundation for PWDs’ Rehabilitation

  February 28, 2013

This project seeks to train all students between the age of 12 to 25 with hearing and vision losses in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality with relevant vocational trainings and workshops aimed towards empowering them on how to use digital video and essential computer programmes and applications like micro- soft word, video / audio editing and internet to enable them create a group blog to share and document life in their communities

Uganda: Ghalálá Online

  February 27, 2013

During the colonial rule Busoga kingdom used to get orders from Buganda kingdom and due to language barrier they could make mistakes during execution of the orders, after the mistakes the Basoga people were continuously abused and they were psychologically tortured which resulted into inferiority complex and the Basoga abandoned their language and resorted to Luganda and English.

Uganda: Youth Advocacy for Elderly Rights.

  February 27, 2013

The project will work with Elderly persons, students and teachers in advocating for the rights of suffering old persons who are abused by younger generations because of social economic pressure and breakdown social fabric which acted as security. In the different schools there will be a group of students and teachers to collect and disseminate information through blog and social sites.

Uganda: Digital Media to Document Agriculture

  February 26, 2013

The Project will involve the selection of two farmer groups from which a number of farmers will be trained in the use of digital video, mobile phones, photography, and blogging in order to capture images of their on-farm problems and processes and share them. The documenting of this information by farmers in archives will help build a network of local knowledge and the results of the project will be uploaded onto a blog for dissemination online.