· March, 2013

Proposals in U.S.A. from March, 2013

USA: Cahuilla Language Revitalization Project

With only two fluent speakers of the critically endangered Cahuilla language remaining, this project is aimed at increasing awareness and interest of the target language in the community which we hope will eventually lead to the restoration of intergenerational language transmission. We hope to accomplish this through the creation of an online radio program and youtube videos which will be shared on our website and various social media outlets.

USA: Community-Driven Tuscarora Talking Dictionary

This talking dictionary is intended to include and empower our L2 Tuscarora language students by giving them a voice on a digital platform that represents the Tuscarora language as it exists today. This talking dictionary will include audio clips of members of our language program and students of the language on a digital platform to ensure accessibility and ease anxieties that come with trying to pronounce a sometimes impenetrable orthography.

U.S.A.: Global Action Classroom (GAC)

We seek to connect youth globally so they may learn and inspire the children in their communities to take action to improve local environments. We successfully established partnerships in various countries to create online interactive classrooms. The next phase will expand to additional countries and connect through team-based blogging system to share media, stories, comments to develop a deeper sense of youth participation to empower communities

U.S.A. and Bulgaria: Image and Print

‚ÄčThe Unfinished Picture Project would like to facilitate a multimedia investigation of New Orleans, Louisiana and Varna, Bulgaria. Groups of young people in each location will use creative blogging and photography to populate online maps of their communities; they will use social media to share these maps with each other and the world. The collaborative mapping project will also result in a combined publication and exhibition.