Proposals Zambia from February, 2013

Zambia: Disability and ICTs

  February 28, 2013

The disabled of our community have limited mobility, lack of equal consideration in society and other related social and economic constraints. In Zambia, disabled face discrimination in many ways, due to their disabilities, poverty and illiteracy. They have no skills and access to technologies that would enable them to have online presence. They need equal representation, their voices are needed online so as to have their views head.

Zambia: Lekeni Nsose (Let Me Speak Out)

  February 18, 2013

Services such as health and education are not adequately provided with the aspect to cater for people with disabilities, considering their physical and or mental state.They are underrepresented and left on the fringes of the society.Lekeni Nsose(Let me speak out), will train the disabled and those serving them in citizen journalism and give them a platform to speak out to the wider community and create an impact on issues that affect them

Zambia: Advocacy for Women Empowerment in Self Help Groups

  February 15, 2013

The Advocacy for Women Empowerment in Self Help Groups is a project aimed at raising the voices of vulnerable rural women through capacity building programs in the three key pillars of the People's Development. The three key pillars of the project are the social, economic and political development. The project will empower women in the community to break the cultural trends that look at women and girls as recipients of men's decisions.