Proposals Zambia from March, 2013

Zambia: Community-Based ICT Stewardship Leverage on Underutilized Species

  March 2, 2013

Due to harsh climatic conditions in Siavonga District, the project is intended to enhance resilient enterprise development by using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) through community-based stewardship on neglected and underutilized animal and plant species. The ICT-based promotion of access to, adaptation and effective use of tools and resources will apply bottom-up decision-making process as it will integrate relevant stakeholders.

Zambia: E-Learning for Social Entrepreneurs

  March 1, 2013

Using Moodle, a free software for designing Content Management System, we have managed to build an online platform that could offer user friendly interface for learning online. Users will have opportunity to interact with web2.0 tools to gain their knowledge and skills on successful social entrepreneurship. We could train at least 150 young people from Africa to become change makers online in their school, college, university or community.