Proposals Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Communicators Marondera

  February 25, 2013

Marondera communities are riddled with a host of challenges emanating mostly from bad governane and corruption by local and national government offiials. Uncollected gabbage, poor roads, non-existent street lighting and sewerage blockages are some of the problems which need documentation. At the same time, political intolerance, killings, harassment and intimidation become the order of the day as the countdown to elections in the country begins.

Zimbabwe: Finding Our Online Voice

  February 21, 2013

We want to give IT and communication training to orphaned young women and girls so that they can both use computers confidently and know how to post their own inspiring stories on to the new Shingirirai website on how they have survived the fallout of HIV/AIDS and moved on to become leaders and involved in community support programs. With the skills acquired they can act as communication channels to connect with young people in other countries.

Zimbabwe: Promoting Citizen Journalism in Chitungwiza

  February 20, 2013

The project seeks to promote citizen journalism and digital story telling among the young people of Chitungwiza. 40 citizen journalists will be trained on citizen journalism and digital story telling so that they can tell their stories in their own words. These trained citizen reporters will be responsible for generating content that will be loaded on the online

Zimbabwe: A social network for Zimbabwean voters

  February 19, 2013

A social network that: – Connect voters with politicians and other voters for the purpose of equipping voters with information that will help them decide whom to vote for. – Helps young people encourage their peers to register to go and vote – Makes it easy to for new and unknown politicians to sell their manifesto

Zimbabwe: Voices from the deep end

  February 19, 2013

The Minority indigenous San people of Zimbabwe are living lives of poverty in the outer edges of society. They are being faced with serious adaptation problems. Located about 220km from the nearest town, the San people are not recognised, their acenstral land has been taken over by cattle herding tribes and the Hwange National Park. The project seeks to create platforms where the San could be able to articulate issues affecting them.

Zimbabwe: Youth Social Media Connection Zimbabwe

  February 18, 2013

The project seeks to train youth led organisations in Zimbabwe on how to effectively use technology for their interventions on HIV/AIDS. Young people in Zimbabwe are now hanging out more on social media platforms and organisations need to have the capacity to formulate interventions targeting them in this form of media. At the end of the project youth organisations in Zimbabwe will be able to interact with young people more effectively

Zimbabwe: Transition Period of the Shangaan Marginalised Society

  February 16, 2013

The Shangaan have been underrepresented in Zimbabwe as a minority group that inhabit the remotest side of the south-eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe. Their cultural norms and values have been subject to criticism, viewed as backward and conservative. Their language over the years could not be included in the educational carricular. Through lobbying for representation, they have now received a significant representation in politics and economics.

Zimbabwe: Citizen Journalism Training for Better Reporting

  February 12, 2013

Bulawayo Youth Broadcasting Initiative-Y-Star fm, is a youth broadcasting initiative that seeks to provide platform for the youth to express their issues/ concerns freely in a place that does not have such platforms. In this proposal we seek to provide training to the youth, especially those from surrounding rural areas in citizen journalism using the modern tools so that they are able to report stories in their respective communities.