Georgia: Students Care

Georgian mountainous region Khevsureti is famous for its culture. Local people there have limited access to new technologies, plus they face hard economic conditions, loosing motivation to spend their time&money on keeping our traditions. We students care about our culture, economy and with the research and training program aim to help community of this region adapt to ongoing processes, leading to cultural, social and economical development.


  • tato

    i think that it’s excellent idea and it seems very interesting one.
    Finally, i wish good luck!!!

    • Rusa

      Thank you Tato, if you have any questions about the proposal, please feel free to ask 🙂

    • Rusa

      Thanks Tato, if you have any questions about the proposal, please feel free to ask 🙂

  • nini

    i like this idea. it will be very enjoyfull one …
    i think this project needs to be financed , because it will conduce students activity.

    • Rusa

      In case of funding, this project will bring two generations together to work on the same issue 🙂

  • Nino

    I, myself, am from Khevsureti and I fully agree with the stated problem. I am both, happy and proud, that students try to keep our traditions.
    My grandfather knows how to sew local national clothes. He sells them to tourists, but he can sell more by using online shop. I am sure that my family and other locals will participate in your project with a great pleasure :))

    • Rusa

      Nino, I and my team are very happy to hear that you are so interested in the project. We are the students – the future of our country and we are the ones who should be caring about our country’s problems. In case of our success, we will do what it takes to benefit as many people as possible and bring innovations to your region.

  • Amazing project!!! I wish to be part of it!!! 🙂

    • Rusa

      Thank you Goga, we are always open to new ideas!!

  • mari

    It’s really very interesting, as this problem exists not only in Khevsureti, but in other mountainous parts of Georgia.If this project will be financed , it will be a great beginning !

    • Rusa

      We hope so too. I am sure many people will get involved.

  • Nia

    very interesting project…..good luck !
    but i was wondering why did you choose Khevsureti? (We have some other regions too in Georgia)

    • Rusa

      Well, after carrying out research (interviews with representatives of different regions, articles and so on), it turned out that this region has limited access to new technologies compared to others, furthermore Khevsureti has unique culture , traditions and due to hard conditions they are on the verge of disappearing. This problem is not that visible in other regions, economically Khevsureti has many problems too. So, that’s why we stopped our attention at this region.

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