Nepal: Social Media vs. Environmental Awareness

This project is designed to train rural youth about Social Media & Networking. Participants from different regions of Nepal will have opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge about environmental issues via social media. Blog competition among the trainee will encourage rural youth to use the online platform, the best blog will be selected as the project blog which will be equipped with the information shared by rural & urban youth.



    How it can be effective to linked online activities and rural youth.I think it wont fulfill its targets.Do u have any data of rural youth and those youth who are familiar with online activities in rural area. How would it be effective in situation where rural youth are fighting for livelihood strategies and capitals of sustainable livelihood.

    • Thank you for your precious comment.
      As we know that even the world is changing with a revolution in technologies, there is so many lacking beyond it. Similarly, youth in urban have access to nearly all sorts of facilities but yet the rural youth are in doom. They are struggling for day to day life, moreover, they have no option than going abroad (a very critical situation in Nepal). So, it is very important that we, the urban youth, let them know about technologies and online platforms and share opportunities. One of the major objective of this project is to see how effective it will be to link online activities and rural youth. While we implement the project we are expected to develop the data about access of internet in the rural area (Project sites). Almost all the youth use their mobile phones for Facebook, this will be a great opportunity to grab such youth and build their capacity in social networking for raising environmental awareness and raising their voices. This will be a pilot project. 🙂

  • Jeeban

    This is a very nice idea for bridging the youth of rural areas with that of city areas in a hot issue like environmental/climate change. Best wishes.

  • Bikesh Shrestha

    Thanks for the nice concept. The training should be online too so that most students/interested persons can participate. Many kudos to the team.

    • I am trying to build the capacity of youth first. Then after we will surely go for online training as one should have a basic idea about online platforms. Thank you for your precious comment.

  • Sanam

    Good idea. However, i am a bit dubious about definition of rural youth and urban youth. BTW, what criteria you are going to use to define them?

    • Thank you for your valuable comment.
      Well, till date there is no standard definition for rural and urban youth. But, the criteria that I am going to use to define them will be:
      1) Their permanent and temporary addresses? (Recently where they are living?)
      2) Their access to facilities like education, health, technologies, etc.
      4) Their willingness to stay and work in rural areas.

      I would love to have your advice and suggestion if any to make my project more realistic. 🙂

  • Manjeeta

    i too have doubt in that.. rural youths mayn’t have much access to the internet but if they have then it’s a great idea..good luck

    • That is why I have developed this idea, we need to inform rural youth about technologies and how to access them. There are several resource centers in many villages but still youth do not have access to internet. There are different media like Ncell, UTL, NTC, etc that provides data cards for internet facilities.
      Thank you for your precious comments 🙂

  • I was also concerned about criteria of rural and urban youth, and also whether rural youths have access to internet However, I suggest that rural youth should be those who have been living/studying/working in rural areas (at least not in municipalities).

    Regarding the access to internet of rural youth, I would like to share my own experience after a recent visit to my village where almost all youth have mobile and many of them have their facebook account with regular update. Similarly, some of them google for some kind of searching. I think those youth also could be appropriate in this proposed activity.

    Good Luck.

    • Thank you Dilli for your in kind suggestion. I agree with you and consider your suggestion. 🙂

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      Thank you for your support 🙂

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