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PeaceItOut (Peace It Out) is a project by the Young Peace Builders in Sierra Leone that is aimed at creating an online and offline interactive forum for youth in Sierra Leone and abroad to share their concerns on issues affecting them and their communities, and further exchange ideas for partnership & collaboration with other youth groups and individuals in different part of the Country and beyond.


  • Mohamed Toure

    I am very happy to see such an important project proposal from Young Peace Builders in Sierra Leone. I personally have no doubts in Herbert’s commitment in ensuring effective youth participation in governance and through this freedom of speech project, he is sure to make a huge difference together with his team of dedicated youth. I am hopeful to see this project being approved and kick-off. true NETWORKING indeed. looking forward to benefit too

    • Herbert

      Thanks so much honorable Toure of Guinea. We will be very grateful to see you and other youth of Guinea actively participate in the project when once it commence.

  • Sulaiman Musa

    I’ll support any initiative that promotes peace. Young Peace Builders all the way!

    • Herbert

      You are most welcome sir.

  • Chhristopher Ero

    I will strongly commend Herbert’s Bangura project initiatives.
    With the scope of his global idea and integrated empowerment to support and to transform the youth and young people of sierra leone. This have really prove that a new era has come to promote good and better youth participation in all area of National Development and social tranformation within a target youth and young people as the key actors.

    I therefore call all youth and young people of sierra leone to come out in unity, peace and prosperity in embrassing Herbert’s Bangura project vision as a true citizen of a Golden land.

    I also expect other interesting international partners,, organizations, philanthropists and Beaurea of goverment to support in promoting MDGs project through Herbert Bicool Bangura vision movement.

    Christopher Ero
    Benin City- Nigeria.

    • Herbert

      Dear brother Ero from Benin City Nigeria, we are grateful for your comments and looking forward to you contributing and ensuring that youth from Nigeria fully participate in the project when it commenced.

  • Mohamed Dabo

    This idea is just too fantastic. Young people in Sierra Leone have moved up from the doldrums of poverty and ashes of civil war to becoming agents of change with the little initiative they have to promote sustainable development.

    I do guaranntee and have trust in the leadership of this young organization to create the platform to share skills that will forever change lives. Well done.

    • Herbert

      Thank you sir for endorsing our organization. We are dedicated to ensuring effective participation of youth in governance through an open space for expression of opinions.

  • Jeff Kpolie

    This is exemplary move. Herbert!! I hope you get all the support required to establish a forum as such where youth can collaborate and integrate their diverse interests to developing our nation. I am convicted that youth abroad and beyond will readily accept a forum like this where a platform would have been created for supportive inclusion of youth in thier efforts toward helping those in need.

    • Herbert

      I agree with you jeff, the youth abroad and beyond will definitely accept and appreciate an open space where they can freely express their opinions (PeaceItOut), share and learn from each other. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

  • Ekusimi

    Reading through this Young Peace Builders’ project proposal, i have come to realize that it has a potential of creating a bigger impact on the rising voices global project. I am aware that youth have a lot of issues and they are mostly affected when decisions are made either bad or good but they are always in touch with their communities and are aware of every happenings in the villages, towns and cities. With this kind of project proposal, Young Peace Builders are sure to create a forum / open space for interaction, collaboration, exchange and partnership. Well done young peace builders and best of luck with your proposal.

    • Herbert

      Thank you sir for your support and believe in our project. We hope to make the difference and contribute positively towards good governance.

  • Mohamed K.Tejan-Rahman

    the project is good qand timely considering the fact that it is going to be a post elections activities on ICT which is very important.dont forget that PEACE is not something you wish for,its something you make,you do,you are and you give away.i am in support of this project

  • Mohamed K.Tejan-Rahman

    the project is good and timely considering the fact that it is going to be a post elections activities on ICT which is very important.dont forget that PEACE is not something you wish for,its something you make,you do,you are and you give away.i am in support of this project

    • Herbert

      Indeed Mohamed, if we must achieve sustainable peace and development, we must create an open space where all will have an opportunity to peace it out (freely express) their opinions.

  • Florence A M Bull

    Honestly if not the best but one of the best thing I have ever seen created Herbert I am hundred percent In support financially as well as moral and physical cause we are living in the diaspora and we know the impact of all these. Bravo brother YPB for us all

    • Herbert

      so good to hear from you sister Florence and we will always count on your support. thank you so much, YPB is indeed for us all.

  • David Masengesho

    I really appreciate the project. youth should talk about challenges they face and be part of the solutions.

    • Herbert

      Rightly said sir. Youth are facing the challenges and must be the solution. we have what it takes but needs an open space to freely discuss the issues and suggest solutions. Thank you for the comment.

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