· February, 2013

Proposals in Digital Photography from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Bolivia: Recovering Millenarian Memory in Comics Using Smart Phones

The idea of the project is to work with youth indigenous people for recovery the millenarian history of our past, creating comics for an interactive interface developed for android smart phones. We want to make a place were youth people can transform legends, told by the ancient from the community's, to histories and comics in the way to contribute with creating content for tell our history.

Hungary: Keep Your Eyes Open

Starting a small internship program and a photo training by experts who are accepted by the local community, choose some local youth to picture their lives with digital cameras. We educate them in using the equipment and collect their pictures and assist in editing or selecting them, but just facilitating their efforts. We organize a photo exhibition from their material and we publish their pictures and their results on various media platforms.

Romania: Photo Voices

The project is to strengthen te abilities of a group of adolescents and youth who currently have no abilities for making an online photo exposition. The participants will develope and disseminate stories by a blog. The project will empower the adolescents with communication and news blogging skills, use of internet and website uploading and pave a way to reach a larger community and share the live of a roma comunities with photo art.

Uganda: Girls Out Loud: Coming to Kampala

We will empower vulnerable and internally displaced girls in Kampala through citizen journalism & photography training. They will explore what it means, to them, to bring their unique culture to the big city. GCN will create a blog and page on our website for girls’ stories to be told through photos and videos. The project will show the world the realities of girls’ lives and help other girls gain confidence to tell their stories with pride.

Ecuador: Your Life in Pixels

Population of La Floresta in Quito will learn how to use a digital camera to express their emotions, perception of their environment and the history of their community Phases: 1 How to use a camera, what do we want to express, create a blog and social network profiles; 2 Each participant will take pictures with digital camera for a week; 3 Through a TIC training in Infodesarrollo people will put their pictures on the internet

Poland: Let’s Hear Their Voice(s)!

The project wants to give excluded communities living in Wrocław (Poland) possibility to share the way their experience difficult situation. Excluded communities (such as Romani and homeless people) will be trained about the general techniques of digital photography and blogs. In this way we want to show that Wrocław is “the meeting place” only in our official PR, not in the reality. We want to give the voice to “invisible” inhabitants.

Serbia: Women Activists in Vojvodina become bloggers!

Project aim is to empower 150 women for on/line presentation of selfs and associations they are working for, trough organizing training workshops with experienced local bloggers who will train and mentor participants how to administer blog and become able to contribute to online conversation about women’s right in Vojvodina.

El Salvador: SurfHappy

SurfHappy ElSalvador was created to support the local beach communities of El Salvador by promoting the young surfers and their surfing careers, and the surfing sport in the country, by providing free digital photography and online promotion to the local surfers. Young kid that gets serious in his/her surfing career are less likely to fall into the life of drag gangs and violence, that is a major problem in El Salvador.

Kenya: Rural Community Voices

This project involves equiping 25 community members with journalistic skills. The journalists will use the acquired skills to tell stories in their neighbourhood and serve as a lobby and advocacy for the voiceless. The stories will be published in the existing community blog http://www.laikipiaruralvoices.blogspot.com and shared on the social sites.The project operates under Arid Lands Information network (ALIN) (www.alin.net.com).

Canada: The Voices Project

Building on JHR’s successful model of empowering local voices through training journalists overseas, the project will engage a team of 30 at-risk youth in Toronto to develop journalism skills and produce citizen media on themes of barriers to development and empowerment, through training and a field reporting trip. Stories produced will provide a kind of ‘visual census’ of the issues at-risk youth face, engage stakeholders, and source solutions.