· February, 2013

Proposals in Microblogs from February, 2013

Poland: Now it's your Turn – Everyone has a Voice!

The project is the inclusion of the urban community to the wider city driving – Citizen participation. People have to have a place where divulge their grievances to the authorities, ideas for improvements, questions to the government. If this option does not give us the direct authority – let's do it ourselves. Blogging platform, in which every citizen will be able to comment on issues related to the functioning of the city.

Uganda: Using ICT’s for Legal Access

The project will provide smart phones to 40 already existing AHURIO network of Legal Aid Community Resource persons (LACORPS) and trained in using web 2.0 tools and other smart phones mobile technologies to monitor, document and report cases of human rights violations in Rural Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo districts. After the training cases of human rights abuses will reduce.

Haiti: Quartier a Quartier Youth Leaders Network

The Quartier a Quartier (Neighborhood to Neighborhood) program aims to establish a network of youth-led organizations throughout Haiti, and provide them with training and practical toolkits in leadership, project management, social innovation and social media communication, so that they may run their organizations and activities more effectively, thereby strengthening their engagement in their communities, while also increasing their visibility.

Kenya: Aspire To Greatness

Sports remains the most popular activity amongst the youth in Africa, and in Kenya, the most known stars are in football (soccer), rugby and athletics. The role of sports personalities as influencers and models is well known. Unfortunately, very few role models are known amongst the youth in Kenya, and we wish to take young people within our community to tell their stories and inspire others to greatness through simple acts.

Peru: Multimedia Conferences in the Central Andes

The project considers a 4-day free conferences in order to transfer capacities in digital online planning, production, financing and promotion. In the mornings participants will attend a media projects workshop: DAY 1. Idea/Objectives, D2. Planning, D3. Budget & Fundraising and D4. Outreach. In the afternoons will attend conferences by experts on the following topics: DAY 1. Blog, D2. Vlog, D3. Podcast and D4. Photoblog.

Brazil: Urban Look

The central focus is the perception of the youth about their community. The goal is to unite culture, information and technology to the young person has the necessary instruments to look into your reality, and observers of themselves and society that harbors. From themes such as citizenship, social identity, technology, education filming his community as a “start” to reflect on themselves and what they do for themselves.

Romania: More Voices, Louder Voices – Empowered Voices

What? The scope of the project is to empower individuals with mental illness so that they are more willing and more able to fight stigma. How? To meet this aim, we propose to build an online platform and to train individuals with mental illness and their caregivers to generate content for the platform by: (1) showcasing the stigma trap; (2) telling their own story in words; (3) telling their own story in pictures.

Maldives: Global Issue – Local Voice

The main aim of the project is to bring the discussion on climate change to the local level by digital storytelling. Providing tools for the citizens of the flooding islands of the Maldives for expressing their daily routine difficulties resulted from environmental change. It would raise civil consciousness and help to build the communication platform between government and distant islands.

Kenya: Women for Change

The proposed project is a training workshop aimed at equiping participants with skills to set up an interactive blog to enable them articulate their issues. After the training the participants will be assisted to set up an actual blog which will be a platform for sharing and the basis for taking action that address their circumstances. They will maintain the blog updating it on a daily basis, publicizing it and using it to call for action.

Guinea: Blogging and Tweeting on Women’s Rights

Defending and promoting of women rights in Guinea through citizen media by building a virtual network with the Guinea Female Association of Journalists (Guinea AFJ) including the use of blog Twitter and pictures.