Proposals in Microblogs

Kenya: Capejotec ICT Centre

We will specialise in ICT facilities i.e. Data collection, Ict skills training, Hardware and software repair, software development, websiting and web hosting. To digitalise most schools and surrounding communities and marketing their products through online marketing and developing softwares(tailor made) for the schools and communities to digitalise their records. We will first of all train them on computer applications and ICT skills.

Hungary: Elimination of Stereotypes and Discrimination against Sex Workers

We wish to create an online platform and networking space for sex workers in order to communicate their every day experience for each other and the outside world. By providing insight into the sex worker realities, we wish to prevent that people feel that violence against sex workers, including rape, crime, bribe, blackmailing and exploitation is justifiable.

Tanzania: Promoting Governance and Accountability in Development Management

To promote local governance and accountability in development management and advocacy rationale use of government budgets to achieve poverty reduction targets in Kibaha district, Tanzania. The community people (80) from rural and urban areas will be trained on pro-poor development, citizen journalism, data collection and analysis and advocacy journalism. District council leaders (10) will be trained on accountability.

Argentina: Ñaqpiolec Tobas – The Future is Now

The project seeks to create appropriate virtual spaces equipped with the latest communication technologies for mass use such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Internet. We hope that the children and teenagers learn about the correct use of this technology by making known the activities and other information regarding their rights and their community's culture.

Egypt: Arab Foundation for New Media

The initiative aims to support and consolidate the new media in the Arab world through the Arab youth training on how to best use social media to support various issues. The initiative also seeks through its social platform website that allows them to post news, reports, and multi-media. The initiative also aims to build a large network of new media covering all over the Arab world for the exchange of experiences and benefits .

Brazil: The Speech Quilombola – River of Black Drum

This project aims to train and empower 20 young Maroons of the city of New Airão. These young people will be trained in the use of digitial video and use the Internet network to keep the videos on the network. The terinamento will also discuss cultural and social characteristics of this ethnic group, aiming to support the creation of digital videos.

Colombia: Systems Lab for Indigenous Resguardo

To acquire equipment for the systems lab for practice and the use of ICT technology working with children and teenagers of the Indigenous Resguardo of Rionegro in the Iquira Municipality, Huila Department, Colombia with the goal of the search and development of their potential in the use and control in the use of ICTs that allow to be at the same level with the rest of the world and the use of free time.

Moldova: Listen to Those who Cannot Themself Ask for Help

It is expected to: create and launch a website, create groups in social networks, train a group of activists’ methods of promotion of sites and pages on social networks, create the movie didicated to problems of homeless animals and problem of cruelty to animals (shooting of homeless animals) and show it on local channels, post this video on youtube and in groups in social networks to draw the attention of civil society and authorities.

India: Strengthening Women Human Rights Defenders in Human Rights Monitoring

Human rights defenders already engaged in monitoring women rights violations in remote areas among marginalized communities will be strengthened on the use of mobile phones and internet in tracking HRVs, documenting evidences, filing complaints with appropriate duty bearers. 30 HRDs of Odisha will be provided with skills of using mobiles-phones, camera, videography, internet 5 HRDs will be facilitated to use mobile-phone and internet

Moldova: You are Not Alone – Reflection, Dialog and Voice

This project will unite youth across diverse cultures to tell their stories & stories of their communities. Students will be exposed to the range of applications which make cross-cultural exchange possible, such as google+, Twitter, YouTube, & Voxer. Students will be exposed to technologies that will enable them to document their experiences, i.e. Podcasts, Prezi, & PowerPoint. Youth will share their stories through new media.