· March, 2013

Proposals in Arts & Culture from March, 2013

Finalist – Mauritania: Popular Memory (MemoRIM)

MemoRim is about regrouping, documenting and making electronically available the culture, traditions, languages, life style… of old Mauritanian society, By contacting and working with local communities in 4 corners of Mauritania where these cultures and practices are still found and taking from them all material or spiritual related things in form of Pictures audios and videos.Regrouping as much as possible of this culture .When the pages of MemoRIM launch and the content becomes available organized and deeply reviewed, we have a database or a general reference and memory for this society.

Finalist – Afghanistan: Kabul Beat — Far Away from War

Kabul Beat is an online magazine in two national languages of Afghanistan Dari & Pashto & English, that aims to share stories from different and undermined provinces of Afghanistan. Kabul Beat will teach 7-10 aspiring bloggers and writers from different provinces of Afghanistan who wish to write but due to financial problems and lack of access to internet can't present their writings to worldwide audience. Kabul Beat will have monthly issues and each issue will contain will have 7 blogs. The blogs will be in Dari and Pashto languages and the complete issue will be translated into English.

Peru: Expressions of Indigenous Contemporary Art Network

KapaqLab is a Peruvian collective that is impulsing a project called Native Peoples’ House. Through its website, which will be a digital space for meeting and exhibition of “expressions of Indigenous contemporary art” (*) that is created in Peru and elsewhere-and information about products (interviews, features, news, reflections, etc..) will be disseminated hat illustrate the present work and work in development of each artist and / or group o

Bolivia: Exteme Tarija

A project that shows the need to form active communities that can promote its heritage, and based on the participation of the community members in the town of Tarija. Tourism development affects the promotion of essential values of our cultural heritage, as well as promoting the community participation in cyberspace and the digital world.

Guatemala: Pueblo CLIC

Pueblo CLIC is a nonprofit website, which was created with the purpose of projecting the art, culture and natural beauty of San Lucas Toliman, located around Lake Atitlan. The main idea is to boost intercultural tourism and thus, contribute to the local economy of its residents and therefore, improve lives.

Swaziland: Artists Go Public

This project will provide local artists with a platform to promote themselves, their work and their creative process to a greater local and international public. Artists will be given a camera and laptop for 3 weeks each to record their inspirations, creative processes, challenges, successes, and photos of artwork. They will be assisted in creating & managing a blog (and parent project website) and accounts with facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

Brazil: Capoeira Education in Global Media

Our project is to create a video of five minutes or so, about capoeira (Brazilian martial art). Students themselves will make the video using video cameras and photographs being what they are trained to do so and later disseminate the video inserting the same site www.pratiquecologia.org, twitter, facebook and flickr. Since students will also be trained in handling these social networking tools.

China: Engaging Digital Tibet: Qinghai

The project will provide young Tibetan students with cameras, photography and web training where they will engage in their local culture by photographing Tibetan material heritage. The photos data will be written by the students and put on a public interactive database. The goal is to inspire Tibetans in China to document and share their rapidly disappearing material heritage with the rest of the world through online photos and articles.

Ghana: Youth Voices for Change

The YOUTH VOICES FOR CHANGE is a proposed platform that will be used to enagage peers actively and in partnership for change.Noting the crucial role modern technology plays,these mediums which is fast catching up will be exploited to communicate our cause and to drive home our demand including using it to share ideas and solutions to addressing community needs.this will virtually lead to open forum of engagement with active youth participation.

Slovakia: The Kotwa-South Park Exchange

We will engage children and parents of the primarily Roma Kotva Housing project in Banska-Bystrica, Slovakia and the primarily African American South Park Housing project in Charleston, WV in an exchange of art, photos and reflection on their economically, geographically and politically marginalized communities. Content will grow from 6 week summer youth programs and parent support groups that will plan via skype and post on a common web page.