· February, 2013

Proposals in Digital Storytelling from February, 2013

Bolivia: Recovering Millenarian Memory in Comics Using Smart Phones

The idea of the project is to work with youth indigenous people for recovery the millenarian history of our past, creating comics for an interactive interface developed for android smart phones. We want to make a place were youth people can transform legends, told by the ancient from the community's, to histories and comics in the way to contribute with creating content for tell our history.

Hungary: Keep Your Eyes Open

Starting a small internship program and a photo training by experts who are accepted by the local community, choose some local youth to picture their lives with digital cameras. We educate them in using the equipment and collect their pictures and assist in editing or selecting them, but just facilitating their efforts. We organize a photo exhibition from their material and we publish their pictures and their results on various media platforms.

Poland: Let’s Hear Their Voice(s)!

The project wants to give excluded communities living in Wrocław (Poland) possibility to share the way their experience difficult situation. Excluded communities (such as Romani and homeless people) will be trained about the general techniques of digital photography and blogs. In this way we want to show that Wrocław is “the meeting place” only in our official PR, not in the reality. We want to give the voice to “invisible” inhabitants.

Haiti: Quartier a Quartier Youth Leaders Network

The Quartier a Quartier (Neighborhood to Neighborhood) program aims to establish a network of youth-led organizations throughout Haiti, and provide them with training and practical toolkits in leadership, project management, social innovation and social media communication, so that they may run their organizations and activities more effectively, thereby strengthening their engagement in their communities, while also increasing their visibility.

Kenya: Aspire To Greatness

Sports remains the most popular activity amongst the youth in Africa, and in Kenya, the most known stars are in football (soccer), rugby and athletics. The role of sports personalities as influencers and models is well known. Unfortunately, very few role models are known amongst the youth in Kenya, and we wish to take young people within our community to tell their stories and inspire others to greatness through simple acts.

Peru: Multimedia Conferences in the Central Andes

The project considers a 4-day free conferences in order to transfer capacities in digital online planning, production, financing and promotion. In the mornings participants will attend a media projects workshop: DAY 1. Idea/Objectives, D2. Planning, D3. Budget & Fundraising and D4. Outreach. In the afternoons will attend conferences by experts on the following topics: DAY 1. Blog, D2. Vlog, D3. Podcast and D4. Photoblog.

Maldives: Global Issue – Local Voice

The main aim of the project is to bring the discussion on climate change to the local level by digital storytelling. Providing tools for the citizens of the flooding islands of the Maldives for expressing their daily routine difficulties resulted from environmental change. It would raise civil consciousness and help to build the communication platform between government and distant islands.

Croatia: Studio Memories

The elderly have a great life experience. Sharing life stories of elderly that lead to the learning of others and develop a healthy community of inter-generational solidarity. The basic idea of the project: To record the history and experience of older people in the story, the picture. Objective: To use the power of story in all its forms (video and audio streaming experience) expectation to facilitate resolving problems of younger people.

Uzbekistan: Vocalising Uzbek Ideas

‘What is the next step in Uzbekistan’s development’ is the question the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will ask the nation’s young adults to answer, through making low-budget documentaries. With the 2015 deadline for the Global Millennium Development Goals approaching, the ‘Vocalising Uzbek Ideas’ project will let Uzbek youth explore, through digital films posted online, what lies next in their nation’s road to development.

South Africa: The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal

The OSCAR Project seeks to teach the disadvantaged and underprivileged youth of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa how to use the digital photography and video to document life, telling stories and events. The project will unlock learning, unlock further knowledge and skills. The OSCAR Youth Voices of KwaZulu Natal will create opportunity, release potential and youth will achieve excellence.