· February, 2013

Proposals in Digital Storytelling from February, 2013

February 27, 2013

Cameroon: Beware! Be Smart!! Be Safe!!!

This is a survivor driven public education project to use frequently used trafficking recruitment scams to empower children susceptible to trafficking to stay safe. 25 passionate young activists shall be trained to use podcast, blogs and sms to share true life stories on child trafficking and exploitation in domestic servitude, street hawking, street begging & commercial sex industry as a way of deterring others from falling prey to trafficking.

Mexico: In Tlaixmatilis Teiscaltia / Knowledge makes you grow

The project seeks to let the voice of native language speaking ethnic groups and towns that have no representation on the web, start being heard and seen on a global scale. The plan is to train a group composed by translators of the particular language and youngsters of the community in audiovisual storytelling and the use of social networks. This methodology will enable attendees to replicate the experience with other community members.

Brazil: Beyond the Gaze

Tell the history of community through the emblematic figures of popular culture. Open spaces to communicate and discuss our traditions and aspects like popular religiosity, alternative and holistic medicine, exploring founders miths and the constrution of narratives. Support members of community with training to use your gadgets, like cell phones or digital cameras, to produce content for internet (basically video and photography).

Mexico: The Mayan voices of Popolá

Register oral tradition of the Mayan community of Popola located in the municipality of Valladolid Yucatan State, Mexico by audio & video, training to children and adolescents of the community. Using digital recorders, videocamera, camera, software from Audacity, Gimp and Windows Movie Maker. The audios, videos & images obtained & processedwill be uploaded to the network in an account of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & a blog that will be created.

February 26, 2013

Cyprus: From Our Perspective: Discussing Disability

The project will provide training to people with disabilities and their representative organisations in digital storytelling, aiming to empower participants with the skills to convey to the general public their experiences and the issues of relevance to them. Two training workshops will be followed by pubic screenings that will highlight the commonalities that exist across the Cyprus divide so contributing to improved dialogue and understanding.

Pakistan: Peace Shots and Social Media for Youth Empowerment

Youth will be trained in technical and aesthetics skills of photography, the concept of peace and using effective social media through a series of workshops in Lahore. They will also record audio stories, and build a visual and oral narrative to hold online exhibition of the work. Blogs will be used to generate debate on the work and issues presented. The project will promote peace and facilitate dialogue among youth through social media.

Cameroon: Promoting Girls Voices

In the past years, it is observed that the fight against sexual exploitation, child labour and forced marriage in communities is done without any involvement of the main target group (girls), and girls are expressing disagreements and wanting their voices to be heard. In this project, we will offer media training, mentoring and follow-up girls to promote their voices on issues affecting their lives.

Romania: Transylvanian Online Cook Book

We are trying to encourage and preserve the Transylvanian way of living,make it heard through generations-old stories and recipes. Transylvania is a very special region in Romania due to its multicultural and multiethnic influences. We will create an online platform where anyone can post their traditional recipes, pictures along with a special story they have about it, and we ourselves will record,take pictures and share some stories on our own.

Tanzania: Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women and girls is the most widespread form of abuse worldwide, affecting one third of all women in their life time. Addressing violence against women and girls is a central development goal in its own right, and key to achieving other development outcomes. The project identifies tackling violence against women and girls as a priority and commits efforts to pilot new and innovative approaches prevent it using citizen media.

D. R. of Congo: Muzuka Online

This 2 year strategic initiative aims to make digital access available in the DR Congo’s Muzuka sector (9 villages), where accessing digital information remains a big challenge as well as in other rural areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project will provide 10 Smart phones, solar charging kit and train community leaders about researching and sharing information through the use of ICTs.