Proposals in Disabilities

March 2, 2013

Kenya: Young Disability Voices – Empowered for Change

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) and AbleChildAfrica are putting together a Disability Youth Board. They will join with the Kidz Board of UK organisation Whizz-Kidz to add their voices to the debates that directly affect their future. This project aims to train a group of young disabled Kenyan's to effectively use media outreach to strengthen their voices – through a series of trainings and support.

March 1, 2013

Tanzania: Disability Voices Against Stigmatization and Discrimination

The project aims to create awareness to the community about discarding the notion on the community that the disabled community are not normal human, but also to confirm that the disabled people are capable and can perform duties and roles that other people in the community perform. This means that at the end of the project the community is going to realize that the disabled community should not be stigmatized or discriminated due to their status

Sierra Leone: Disability Experience Sharing

Disability issues in Sierra Leone still faces a lot of challenges in all sectors of the society. This makes it difficult for PWDs to enhance self- aggrandizement both as individual and in groups. Even with setting up of a Commission on disabilities they still lack basic to enjoy their rights equally with others. This project aims to increase the access of PWDs to information and create a forum to discuss their issues with duty bearers.

Turkey: SignWeb

SignWeb will be a website for the Deaf in Turkey and other countries, featuring latest news and advancements in the Deaf World, a resource center for the Deaf, Turkish and International Sign Languages videos, and social network for the Deaf Community (which includes hearing people who know sign language.) SignWeb content would be created at our association's center, with participation by our Deaf teachers and students, and web designer.

Pakistan: Inclusive Computer learning

Initially I will install 10 computers and internet in Johar Computer Center to provide basic Computer training to 200 primary school children, 20 teachers in 5 primary schools, 50 secondary school children, 20 children who are either slow learners or at mild or moderate level of mental retardation (special) in the same locality and 150 adults. Purpose is to indulge 20 special children with normal children in Johar Formal-Education center

February 28, 2013

Romania: More Voices, Louder Voices – Empowered Voices

What? The scope of the project is to empower individuals with mental illness so that they are more willing and more able to fight stigma. How? To meet this aim, we propose to build an online platform and to train individuals with mental illness and their caregivers to generate content for the platform by: (1) showcasing the stigma trap; (2) telling their own story in words; (3) telling their own story in pictures.

Uganda: Self-help Foundation for PWDs’ Rehabilitation

This project seeks to train all students between the age of 12 to 25 with hearing and vision losses in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality with relevant vocational trainings and workshops aimed towards empowering them on how to use digital video and essential computer programmes and applications like micro- soft word, video / audio editing and internet to enable them create a group blog to share and document life in their communities

Zambia: Disability and ICTs

The disabled of our community have limited mobility, lack of equal consideration in society and other related social and economic constraints. In Zambia, disabled face discrimination in many ways, due to their disabilities, poverty and illiteracy. They have no skills and access to technologies that would enable them to have online presence. They need equal representation, their voices are needed online so as to have their views head.

February 26, 2013

Nigeria: Social Media Training for Disabled Traders

The project aimed at giving socialmedia entrepreneurship training to people living with disabilities. they will learn how to use the various social media tools to conduct both social entrepreneurship and conduct advocacy to make their voices heard. The project will start with sensitization lectures among the target population before enrolled those motivated for the social media training. project would be deployed as social media lab.

Indonesia: From Disable for Disable Project

This project has two main stages: 1) Providing people with disabilities to use citizen media and enabling them to conduct training to transfer this skill to their peers. 2) Delivering citizen media training from and for people with disability. It gives opportunity to those who were participating in the first stage to exercise their skills and produce an advocacy video to reach policy makers and those who will compete in the 2014 election.