· February, 2013

Proposals Environment from February, 2013

Mexico: Seeing Through the Eyes of my Grandparents

  February 28, 2013

Shade coffee plantations are a reservoir of biological and cultural diversity. Families, usually work together cultivating the land. Therefore, this people have a spiritual, physical, social and cultural connection to their land. Accordingly with this, our project aims to promote the dialogue and an interchanges of knowledge between young and adults in a coffee-growing region, to rescue the bicultural knowledge.

Bangladesh: Get Involved, Be Informed, Make a Chnange

  February 26, 2013

This will be a yearlong project mentoring a group of young volunteers with an aim to build an expert group of young people for working human rights and environmental sustainability field through them contribution to the local community. Participants will work within the local community on various issues through, interviewing them, writing, blogging, photography, making short movie etc so that they can gather knowledge to share.

Ecuador: Lives and Voices from Valle Hemoso

  February 25, 2013

Valle Hermoso (Beautiful Valley) is a new community formed around a pond that didn't exist until 1995. It is needed by the people around to know how to deal with the water resource, deal with the new fauna and tell the world what is being doing about this. Using video blogs, photo galleries and social networks, the lives and voices from Valle Hermoso's people will be told to the world. Also, awareness about the water will be created.

Kenya: Digital fishermen of Oyamo Island

  February 25, 2013

This project is to transform the fishermen in Oyamo island from traditional inadequate ways of communication by training them in computer and internet usage. The project is to enhance these fishermen global participation in environmental issues especially water and marine conservation. They will have a voice in global major environmental forums organized by UNEP and other stakeholders, something they are not even aware of currently.

Colombia: EcologĂ­a Ambulante (Ambulant Ecology)

  February 24, 2013

Create a new voice from transdisciplinary knowledge and the everyday experience of rural children, through edu-communication methodology based on open-free models of collective creation to develop artistic and research practices, related to the concept of local territory with a common and amusing language. These practices will be communicated with virtual and analogical media, that emerge from interactions between diverses communities

Palau: Youth-In-Conservation Social Network

  February 20, 2013

This project aims to build global youth awareness of conservation in Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific. Palau Conservation Society will establish a youth-in-conservation online social network by holding a workshop, facilitated by a team of youth, to develop and administer a social network site to link Palau youth with other youth around the world. The overarching goal is to encourage them to become lifelong stewards of conservation.

Ghana: The Savannah Echoes Project

  February 19, 2013

The Savannah Echoes is a Citizen Media Toolkit Outreach Project that seeks to empower the Sakogu community of Northern Ghana to develop a community citizen media strategy comprising of a toolkit of:pod casting,Blogging/Micro blogging.Mapping,YouTube and Flickr. This citizen media toolkit will enable it have an active online representation to highlight it's climate change challenges, it's interventions and learn new intervention approaches.

India: Revival of Eco-Traditional heritage

  February 15, 2013

It is proposed to document and revive the traditional practices of the indigenous communities in Rajasthan which are more-or-less associated with the conservation of nature and natural resources. It is the fact that the indigenous culture is eco-friendly. With the pace of development, the eco-centric approach is being lost. It is the need of the time to document and revive eco-traditional practices based on the symbiotic relationship with nature.

Uganda: Enviromental Protection Promotion

  February 15, 2013

The Enviromenatl Protection Promotion project is a project intented to sesetise the local community of kamuli district about the advancages of a safe and clean environment through the youth. Kamuli district being a rural district with 80 % of the population are farmers who distirt tyhe environment by defforestration, need to be senseticsed about the advandages of environmental prorection.

Kenya: Voice for Conservation

  February 15, 2013

lake Victoria region is a hub of so many activities:trading, fishing, and conservation with C.B.O and NGO around the region the project will involved the local community and environmentalist on the region for the economical sustainable conservation of valedictorian using social media