· March, 2013

Proposals Environment from March, 2013

Argentina: Mapping the Water Landscape

  March 4, 2013

We are a network of volunteers working on humanitarian issues and ICT´s. Our goal is to give visibility and voice to communities in the provinces of Santa Fe and Chaco through of social and participatory mapping. Specifically we want to trace the route and the landscape of the problem of access to drinking water and its implications

Philippines: Supporting Livelihoods in an Eco-paradise Island

  March 3, 2013

In Palawan, poverty is ubiquitous and unsustainable coastal and land practices are rampant (cyanide fishing, illegal logging) resulting in rapid degradation of unique biodiversity. The Ecotour guides from Busuanga know that their livelihoods depend on protecting the environment instead of thoughtlessly taking away from it. They plan to use citizen media to promote their island as ecotourism hotspot and garner support for conservation action.

Colombia: Luis Adriano Montoya Jimenez

  March 3, 2013

In rural areas in the mountains where the rivers begin, there is a danger that they will disappear due to the lack of communication. The Foundation is dedicated to work with climate change, but nothing can be done without communication. We are proposing a project with strategic sites with mobile internet so that the peasant can receive information on how we should protect the environment. We will train them so that we can say how it benefits us.

Indonesia: Popular Media to Increase Community Resilience Awareness

  March 3, 2013

Implementing information tunnels about permaculture and disaster risk management in Banggai, Sulawesi through folk art performances, media training, community radio where we use solar panels energy and in which we make examples of community issues, permaculture and disaster preparedness. Through such programs we improve the interest in sustainability, because people are attracted by the combination of information and entertainment.

Somaliland: Youth Empowerment through Sustainable Livelihood Project

  March 3, 2013

capacity building includes:(i) community mobilization and advocacy skills (ii) negotiation and networking skills and value chain development mainly consist of poor and vulnerable communities of Burao city and other ethnic minority groups that also form the major part of the population in the city.

Kenya: Capejotec ICT Centre

  March 2, 2013

We will specialise in ICT facilities i.e. Data collection, Ict skills training, Hardware and software repair, software development, websiting and web hosting. To digitalise most schools and surrounding communities and marketing their products through online marketing and developing softwares(tailor made) for the schools and communities to digitalise their records. We will first of all train them on computer applications and ICT skills.

Uganda: Catherine Youth Environmental Media Project

  March 2, 2013

Catherine Youth Environmental media project is meant to train the rural youth from Masaka District about social media networking. The participants shall come from various parts of Masaka District in Uganda. The participants will have opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge about environmental issues via social media. Blog competition among the trainee will encourage rural youth to use online platform.

Mexico: Networking Organic Farmers Markets through Social Media

  March 2, 2013

The project is based on a series of workshops to increase interaction between people linked to the small-scale organic farming movement in Mexico. Workshops will include capacity building on social media, creative commons, blogs, photo sharing platforms, google hangouts and other useful tools that will enable the sharing of knowledge around organic farming techniques, seed conservation, and engaging urban consumer participation in rural issues.

Moldova: Listen to Those who Cannot Themself Ask for Help

  March 2, 2013

It is expected to: create and launch a website, create groups in social networks, train a group of activists’ methods of promotion of sites and pages on social networks, create the movie didicated to problems of homeless animals and problem of cruelty to animals (shooting of homeless animals) and show it on local channels, post this video on youtube and in groups in social networks to draw the attention of civil society and authorities.

Spain: Options: Bank of Resources for Transformative Consumption

  March 1, 2013

The online Bank of Resources wants to be a virtual space providing practical tools and a platform for exchange and empowerment on conscious consumption. Its main element will be a collaborative map of transformative initiatives around Spain. It will be developed with citizens previously trained and further improved by the online community. By visualizing the existing options and providing resources we aim to inspire and encourage change.