· March, 2013

Proposals in Ethnicity & Race from March, 2013

March 4, 2013

Pakistan: The Minority's Voice

Our goal is to work in collaboration with The Garage School, an NGO engaged in educating the under-privileged children from a slum area located in Clifton, Karachi. Most of these children and their families belong to various religious minority groups. We wish to educate these children and their mothers in various social networking tools to spread their stories and problems on a larger platform through a series of workshops.

March 2, 2013

Colombia: La Toma Roots

Recover the historical memory of the community Afro Colombian La Toma, in the department of Cauca. Empowering young people of the community in the use and appropriation of digital communication tools that allow them to present their cultural and ancestral heritage. We define three processes: 1. Collect information on the community through interviews and documents 2. Curated information 3. Publication and dissemination of knowledge

Brazil: The Speech Quilombola – River of Black Drum

This project aims to train and empower 20 young Maroons of the city of New Airão. These young people will be trained in the use of digitial video and use the Internet network to keep the videos on the network. The terinamento will also discuss cultural and social characteristics of this ethnic group, aiming to support the creation of digital videos.

Brazil: AfroAudiovisualSchool

The proposal presented here want to empower people of african descent, young and adults, in the development and dissemination of audiovisual publications. We also will create an “educommunicative” model for interventions in public spaces and to interchange our learning process to other networks already organized. This initiative is connected with a larger project of ethnic-racial education to promote black culture in Brazil.

March 1, 2013

Macedonia: My Ordinary Roma Life

The overall goal is to positively promote the Roma ethnic group through usage of media tools as well to start on-line and public discussion on stereotypes and prejudice towards Roma community in the country and ways of overcoming them. The objective is to train 10 young Roma community members on the techniques of using media tools in positive promotion of the community and to compose video through photo's of ordinary day of 5 Roma families.

Romania: Colourblind Blogs

Technical assistance to promote the daily events for identity of the Roma minority using new media, specifically Blogs. Increasing public awareness on positive models of Roma communities in five selected comunities in a period of 5 months. These two specific objectives contribute to the overall objective of the project, namely: increasing youth communication in online environments through their work on an online environments.