Proposals in Freedom of Expression

Albania: Promote Yourself – Use the Digital Media!

The project aims at sensitizing and training the NGOs in our region about the importance of sharing the information through the use of digital and social media. An official page on social media will be created with information about NGOs in the city and their activity, such as: training opportunities, vacancies, calls for collaboration between interested organizations. The sense of volunteerism among young people will be cultivated.

Brazil: Brinquedoteca em Ação

Share realities, interests and experiences into 2 groups of children and adolescents in vulnerable communities and social risk. The idea is to promote dialogue between groups through the media citizen with access to information relevant to the development of public and community. Include them digitally on social networks, in particular the creation of a blog, to exchange knowledge, forming an interest group as they have time and voice towards the

Brazil: Web Community Radio

Democratizing access to the means of local community communications on the Internet through popular participation in community radio station, providing to the people of the community direct participation of the station so that they can take ownership of programs and techniques to produce talk in the air, operate and transmitting equipment.

Kyrgyzstan: The Open World

The aim of the project proposal is to promote the participation of young people and students in raising citizens’ awareness of the decisions made, as well as in the collection, processing and transfer of information and to ensure the active life of their community. 2 equipped media centers in two Schools in different communities. One community is consisted on Uzbek nationality residents, another is mixed of Kyrgyz and Uzbek nationalities.

India: Let Me Flourish

The adolescents, whose parents are working at coal mining, are deprived from human rights due to lack of proper education & awareness. Through this project, we’ll teach them Photography & social Media use so that they upraise their voice through Photography & share experience of humiliation & demand through Social media.

Argentina: Radio Los Inestables: More participation, less segregation

Radio Los Inestables attempts to train the project participants in the use digital tools in order to increase their active participation and self-management in every stage of broadcast production. To achieve this, we will provide workshops to teach them how to record and edit audio recordings. We will also give them trainning and mentoring in the use of social networks, so they will be able to share their productions with the broader community.

Malawi: Our Voices

The goal for this project is to facilitate community participation in governance. The overall purpose of the project is to promote greater involvement of the youth in the social discourse through the effective use of ICT. The project seeks to provide an ICT platform where over 8,000 active ICT users from Neno in southern Malawi can discourse their social development concerns. The project hopes to advance social economic development.

Cambodia: The Cambodian Grassroots Social Media Project

The proposal is to develop a social media training program for community-based organizations and grassroots activists working on human rights in Cambodia, with the long-term objective being to increase the amount of information related to human rights that is shared domestically and internationally. The training will include a hard and soft-copy toolkit designed to impart the know-how and tools to create successful and compelling citizen media.

Phillippines: Citizen Documentation of Urban Poor Communities

The project will conduct video-photography training in 3 selected urban poor (UP) communities in the Philippines. Community members trained by citizen media practitioners will document their condition and struggle. Striking photos and videos will be used in online campaigns and exhibits in the communities and supportive institutions. This is to project the dire living condition and gain public support for their collective actions and campaigns.

Brazil: Urban Look

The central focus is the perception of the youth about their community. The goal is to unite culture, information and technology to the young person has the necessary instruments to look into your reality, and observers of themselves and society that harbors. From themes such as citizenship, social identity, technology, education filming his community as a “start” to reflect on themselves and what they do for themselves.