Proposals Health

Kenya: Women Prison Knowledge Management for Sustainable Change

  February 18, 2013

The project aimed at establishing and improving different range of strategies and practices women prison fraternity can use to identify, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences of HIV prevention among inmates. Women prison has volumes of data, information and knowledge that are often unrecognized or documented due to inadequate skills, yet they can influence policy and practice within HIV and AIDS programming.

India: Training tribal Youth to share Ethnomedicine

  February 18, 2013

The project will be a good initiative to support traditional Siddha and Ayurveda ethno medicine practitioners (called vaithiyars) to share the significance of several disease preventive herbal medicines and healthy life styles that was been formulated before 2500 years. It would be helpful to sustain the values of several herbs essential to cure particular diseases and encourage younger generation involve in using media tools to protect the field

Uganda: Safethree Family Planning Tips

  February 8, 2013

Safe Three Family Plan shall share and train young mothers simple and safe Family planning tips. Communication, faithfulness, and protection. Discussing family issue can reduce tension in family, faithfulness shall ensure safety from HIV/AIDS use of condoms and contraceptives through discussions, will reduce unplanned and early pregnancy and STIs, reduce the number of unplanned pregnancy, improve the knowledge of family planning in the community.