· February, 2013

Proposals Poverty from February, 2013

Indonesia: Alternative Education for Children of Fishermen

  February 28, 2013

We have a value on which we hold on to and which has driven us this far. We believe that natural resources preservation can only be realizable when social awareness has been built. However, it is inevitable that this awareness can only works when social welfare is attained. Therefore, in our village which is predominated by fishermen and farmers, we have tried our maximum effort to provide free services to initiate and enhance knowledge.

Bolivia: El Hormigón Armado Digital

  February 28, 2013

Poverty and discrimination are aggressive obstacles shoeshiners face against the respect of their dignity and rights. Hormigón Armado The Shoeshinners Newspaper gives them a voice through printed media exposing their dignified, legitimate and sacrificed contribution to the war on poverty. Amplifying ourselves digitally we could significantly increase our demand of respect and pro-active solidarity towards them from society and local authorities.

Zimbabwe: Farmers Voices At Last

  February 28, 2013

To support a farmer information centre with relevant media hard and software. Ten farmers will under go intensive training on use of the media. The trainers will then train other farmers on use of the media. The farmers will then share regularly with other farmers and the wider global community on issues affecting them in their agriculture, environment, processing and marketing. The farmers will prepare their script and tell their story.

Sri Lanka: Voice of Encouragement / Women’s Birth from Waves

  February 28, 2013

We are planning to develop a video documentary to share learning experiences about “how can get victory from disaster”. After the devastation of TSUNAMI, We observed that the displaced people were really helpless they need to be taken care of some one till they fully recovered. In order to restore and re start their businesses. We could help them through funding & make a habit to saving 50% from every funding for them.

Brazil: Reintegrate

  February 27, 2013

The main objective of the project is to promote the social reintegration of homeless people who have already received our care and are in rehabilitation. Adults who have experienced addiction treatment clinic and are steadying their steps in the reconstruction of their dignity. Supporting them through the autonomy and professionalism, we aim to give them the opportunity to tell their success story and encourage others to leave the streets

Cameroon: Disseminating Pro-Poor Information

  February 26, 2013

The project seeks to enhance community group leaders’ capacity in media tools to enable them identify, package and deliver pro-poor information in their communities. These highly motivated “women and youth” who bridge the gap in rural and community information will be taught elements like news gathering, news writing, techniques in broadcasting, production of community programmes, marketing programmes, networking, etc.

Cambodia: Rights for Renters

  February 26, 2013

Poor individuals and families renting accommodation in Phnom Penh document their lives using digital media. Although amongst the poorest city dwellers, renters are currently excluded from policy initiatives directed at the urban poor. This project aims to both document the lives of renters, as well as show how important they are for the city. Project outputs: narratives, photos, video, blog, exhibition as part of the annual Our City Festival.

Uganda: Telling our Agriculture Success

  February 26, 2013

Maganjo Farmers Association (MAFA) works with rural farming communities in Luwero District. Through this project, MAFA would like the farmers to get an avenue through which to communicate on how they manage to increase farm production and household incomes to reduce on poverty cycle. We will capture the work of these farmers through photography and create an online gallery which we want to act as an inspiration to digital media world.

Uganda: Empowering Farmers with ICT to Improve Livlihoods

  February 25, 2013

GCHI proposes to use its established public Library in empowering Farmers in ICT to improve their livelihood by to inviting them to discuss local problems, solutions and train them how to create a group blog to take these conversations to the wider community. This project seeks to facilitate exchange of knowledge among the farmers involved in both the production of cash /food crop.

Uganda: Empowering Informal Youth Artisans through Media Technologies

  February 24, 2013

The LOG`EL TECHNOLOGY CENTER works to empower community members of Mengo Kisenyi (most of whom are artisans) to develop solutions as well as training them on how to use media technologies to further their endeavours to address the various challenges of Mengo-Kisenyi. The project aspires to; Link informal artisans to media technologies sources, for effective networking, to increase the visibility of their activities, Train informal artisans