· February, 2013

Proposals Violence Prevention from February, 2013

El Salvador: SurfHappy

  February 28, 2013

SurfHappy ElSalvador was created to support the local beach communities of El Salvador by promoting the young surfers and their surfing careers, and the surfing sport in the country, by providing free digital photography and online promotion to the local surfers. Young kid that gets serious in his/her surfing career are less likely to fall into the life of drag gangs and violence, that is a major problem in El Salvador.

Ethiopia: Sharing Stories to Inspire Girls and Women

  February 28, 2013

This project will support female students in the target locality to end harmful traditional practices. In Ethiopia in general and Dukem locality in particular, access to the internet is insignificant. The girls in the locality will share their experiences in fighting harmful traditional practices through school mini media and local community radios. ICEDA will translate and upload the recorded audios to the national and international literates.

Uganda: Using ICT’s for Legal Access

  February 28, 2013

The project will provide smart phones to 40 already existing AHURIO network of Legal Aid Community Resource persons (LACORPS) and trained in using web 2.0 tools and other smart phones mobile technologies to monitor, document and report cases of human rights violations in Rural Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo districts. After the training cases of human rights abuses will reduce.

Cote d'Ivoire: With ICT I can…

  February 27, 2013

This project aims to protect children. We will work with a school to instruct students on the best uses of ICT. They will use ICT for their security: to find information about VBG, best usage practices, and articles and texts on their rights as children – which they will then be able to comment on.  

Guatemala: Alert Network for Health Workers

  February 27, 2013

The project consists of a training program for Union leaders in order to enable them to become a network link in theri community to alert authorities on issues regarding health, safety and security issues. The network should function on an online platform where union members would have access to input information and alerts so they can activate our quick response systems throughout the country.

Phillipines: Enhancing Children's Capacities for Advocacy

  February 25, 2013

The project will increase awareness and improve access of at least 200 working children/ youth -at-risk in Metro Manila (Philippines) on child rights, child protection, climate change and basic education through the Alternative Learning System- eSkwela program. An Instructional Manager/ Peer Facilitator will facilitate discussion fora and other web and computer-based activities on child rights advocacy and on various issues that affect them.

South Africa: men against rape

  February 19, 2013

The incedence of men raping and killing women is getting out of hand. it feels as if men have lost all sense of morality. this project is aimed at creating a webiste and conducting awareness campaings through rallys and cellphone apps for people to have their say against this scourge. We need to take a stand. This project seeks to provide women and men with a forum to speak about their experiences. let the world know that this is no longer isolat

Pakistan: Hundreds for Dozens

  February 19, 2013

The proposed idea is to initiate a printed publication, reflecting a pictorial representation of the victims of WAR ON TERROR. For more than a decade, unremitting conflict exists in the northern tribal areas of Pakistan & Afghanistan, among the militant groups and Law enforcing agencies from all around the world. Hundreds of guiltless have lost their lives literally and figuratively along with dozens of blameworthy.

Uganda: The Dawson Wambi End Mob Violence Campaign

  February 18, 2013

Dawson Wambi Jr was burnt by a mob of church goers in Northern Uganda in 2001 and Dawson Wambi Sr was murdered by village mob in Eastern Uganda in 2012. Ironically, both victims, working for peace, justice and community development under Uganda Joint Christian Council and Mpolyabigere Community Library respectively suffered mistaken identity. The project intends to mobilize local communities to observe human rights and to stop mob violence.