· February, 2013

Proposals in Women's Rights from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Uganda: Girls Out Loud: Coming to Kampala

We will empower vulnerable and internally displaced girls in Kampala through citizen journalism & photography training. They will explore what it means, to them, to bring their unique culture to the big city. GCN will create a blog and page on our website for girls’ stories to be told through photos and videos. The project will show the world the realities of girls’ lives and help other girls gain confidence to tell their stories with pride.

Uganda: Techology and Human Rights Information Sharing Platform

Youth Partnership Uganda intends to implement a project that will focus on enforcing women rights through encouraging and promoting gender equality specifically among the youth. this project will focus solely on information sharing among women, men and the youth through blogging and video graphing. this will focus on training beneficiaries on how to use blogs and digital cameras to capture information and share it with other people on globe.

Serbia: Women Activists in Vojvodina become bloggers!

Project aim is to empower 150 women for on/line presentation of selfs and associations they are working for, trough organizing training workshops with experienced local bloggers who will train and mentor participants how to administer blog and become able to contribute to online conversation about women’s right in Vojvodina.

Gambia: Increasing the Volume of Women's Voices

Young women journalists and activists will be engaged in creating citizen's journalism to promote freedom of expression to address gender based violence, women’s rights and empowerment by echoing the voices of the grassroots women. Mobile phones to record interviews, take pictures and video to share on the website to support their postings on the web.

Cameroon: Holding Power Accountable Through SMS

The project entails the recruitment and training of 20 mothers aged between 40-45 years to monitor the activities of the mayor of their locality and report, using their local languages called pidgin to all the councilors and to the central unit of CHAMECC for eventual publication in a blog that will be created for this project. The project will run for six months immediately the municipal elections in Cameroon are done by August 2013.

Ghana: The Voice of Women

Our project aims to empower the women of the Nima/Mamobi community, one of the poorest communities in Accra. We hope to train these women to use social media to give them the platform to present their issues to a wide audience enabling them to make a change within their community.

Ghana: Sharpen Voices for Womens Sexual Rights

Sharpen Voices for Women Sexual Right is an advocacy effort which seeks to empower young women to advocate for their own reproductive and sexual health rights(SRHR) through public awareness-raising and advocacy, mobilization of peers to take action for the establishment of favourable policies and programmes that grantee universal access to SRHR services for women before and after Millennium Development Goal 5, through the use of social media.

Kenya: Women for Change

The proposed project is a training workshop aimed at equiping participants with skills to set up an interactive blog to enable them articulate their issues. After the training the participants will be assisted to set up an actual blog which will be a platform for sharing and the basis for taking action that address their circumstances. They will maintain the blog updating it on a daily basis, publicizing it and using it to call for action.

Guinea: Blogging and Tweeting on Women’s Rights

Defending and promoting of women rights in Guinea through citizen media by building a virtual network with the Guinea Female Association of Journalists (Guinea AFJ) including the use of blog Twitter and pictures.

February 27, 2013

Palestine: Write for Women's Rights

From our experience in the Women's Consultations Unit, we have heard and recorded many stories about the violations against women in the Palestinian society. We want through our project to train a number of 20 social media activists who are going to produce social media content (Photo essays, blogs, audio recordings, and videos) about these women. 30 training hours will be giving and training manual will be distributed.