Proposals in Women's Rights

March 2, 2013

Uganda: Human Rights Web – Breaking the Silence

The project proposes an innovative training of human rights defenders in Uganda on standard citizen media techniques through citizen media training workshops, individual instructions, creation of networks, and constructive mentoring follow-up. The project’s ultimate goal is to create a vibrant network of defenders (Defenders Web) who use citizen media to share their local stories globally on a well synchronized online space to scale impact.

Hungary: Elimination of Stereotypes and Discrimination against Sex Workers

We wish to create an online platform and networking space for sex workers in order to communicate their every day experience for each other and the outside world. By providing insight into the sex worker realities, we wish to prevent that people feel that violence against sex workers, including rape, crime, bribe, blackmailing and exploitation is justifiable.

Chile: Radiating Our Realities

We plan to work with a group of 20 women, conducting three workshops around audio and radio production with Audacity, in order to communicate experiences and create an educational space that contributes to recognizing, denouncing and stopping violence against women. The audio pieces will be released through the podcast of the Chilean Network Against Violence Against Women and broadcast on community radios

India: Strengthening Women Human Rights Defenders in Human Rights Monitoring

Human rights defenders already engaged in monitoring women rights violations in remote areas among marginalized communities will be strengthened on the use of mobile phones and internet in tracking HRVs, documenting evidences, filing complaints with appropriate duty bearers. 30 HRDs of Odisha will be provided with skills of using mobiles-phones, camera, videography, internet 5 HRDs will be facilitated to use mobile-phone and internet

March 1, 2013

D. R. of Congo: Survivors’ Voices

The project consists of teaching women survivors of sexual violence and war in Kivu part of DRC how to use internet and creating a platform for them to exchange with the outside world. For their therapy, the documentation of how they overcame the situation and to help others know how to overcome theirs. this will help the outside world understand what is going on in DRC and bring people to put effort together to end the DRC war.

Kenya: The Maasai Woman Diary

After the Kenya General elections in March 2013, Kenya will have the first government under the new constitution. Women need to be educated on the opportunities and benefits that come with the new system of governance. This will definitely change the daily activities of the maasai woman. Women will be encouraged to tap the opportunities available to better their lives. They will be encouraged to take part in governance of their resources.

Uganda: Opening Voices of Lugeye Rural Women

The project will provide a unique opportunity for rural women in Lugeye to be trained in journalism and photography to empower them collect data about issues of developmental importance to be documented and be shared with other women in the world. This will open voices of women in Lugeye community to be aired out and their felt needs brought to the information of women in other areas to be advised on how to solve them.

Pakistan: Rising Her Voice

Organization for Human Development- OHD will undertake a project called “Rising Her Voice” in South Sindh region which will be of one year duration. The project will be focused on providing trainings and awareness of women issues, gender discrimination, Violence, decision making and empowerment to the local working and non working women in South Sindh region Pakistan. It is expected that through the providing awareness, trainings and raise issues

India: Bringing Equality Home

The Project focus is on female feticide, which is one extreme manifestation of violence against women. Female embryos or fetuses are selectively eliminated after prenatal sex determination, thus avoiding even the birth of girls. Project will use the following tools digital photography, digital video and mapping. The project will achieve preventing declining sex ratio in Tamil Nadu and protect the rights of women.

February 28, 2013

Uganda: Girls Out Loud: Coming to Kampala

We will empower vulnerable and internally displaced girls in Kampala through citizen journalism & photography training. They will explore what it means, to them, to bring their unique culture to the big city. GCN will create a blog and page on our website for girls’ stories to be told through photos and videos. The project will show the world the realities of girls’ lives and help other girls gain confidence to tell their stories with pride.