· February, 2013

Proposals in Youth Advocacy from February, 2013

February 28, 2013

Mexico: Digital Education Nodes

Youth groups from different places and cultures in Mexico are nodes of the Tlalana network www.tlalana.org.mx. They take action based on collective learning and experience exchange to solve local issues such as environmental problems, unemployment and violence. We want to train such nodes in audio editing, blogs and social networks to achieve greater visibility and facilitate their documenting and sharing capabilities between projects.

Peru: Listening and Practicing

The project seeks to strengthen the abilities of a group of adolescents and youth who are currently child domestic workers (CDW) or former CDW on the development and dissemination of stories through a radio program and a blog. Adolescents and youth will address issues related to CDW in order to create awarness among the Cajamarca comunity. The issues addressed through the radio and blog will serve to inform, follow up, and intervene.

February 27, 2013

Nigeria: Our Voice! Our Power!

Following the 2012 flood disaster in most parts of Nigeria which according to reports affected over 2 million people particularly those living in riverine communities, there has not been any sustainable development efforts by government to alleviate the suffering of the people apart from the initial relief materials which were mostly diverted by government officials. The people particularly youths are facing severe hardship.

Ghana: Youth Voices for Change

The YOUTH VOICES FOR CHANGE is a proposed platform that will be used to enagage peers actively and in partnership for change. Noting the crucial role modern technology plays,these mediums which is fast catching up will be exploited to communicate our cause and to drive home our demand including using it to share ideas and solutions to addressing community needs. This will virtually lead to open forum of engagement with active youth participation

India: Empowering the Voice of Children in Hyderabad

Youth will be empowered to speak out for themselves, using music and media technology, on the safety and protection issues faced by vulnerable children in Hyderabad, as part of Viva’s ‘safe place for children’ campaign. 15 youth (13-18 yrs) and 3 adult facilitators from the Blossom Network will form a media team, be equipped with a Community Studio, and attend 2 Train the Trainer workshops. The team will train another 35 youth.

Bhutan: E-ngage Youth

The Project will create an increased awareness on media literacy amongst the youth by conducting a series of media engagement classes. A local media expert will conduct photojournalism, digital storytelling and video-blogging classes. Through this training we hope that the youth will not only gain an understanding of how media functions, but also get their voices heard and be part of our democratic processes.

February 26, 2013

Kenya: Silent no More

Kenyan Internet users increased by 95.63 % in the last one year showing a tremendous growth in the country’s technology fueled by high number of mobile phone usage. This creates an ideal avenue for Kenyan Youth to engage in Digital conversations around emerging issues and use of technology to address those issues. Silent no More will create 100 man strong network that will create compelling conversations on how technology can transform lives.

Uganda: Youth Connections for Development

We aim to train over 120 youth and children in computer literacy so that they can be exposed to the outside world as its said the world is ‘a global village’. By training the youth in computer applications we will cover some missing gaps in the education sector. We intend to promote positive cultural practices and good morals for economic development. The greatest population here are computer illiterates and 80% are youth.

February 25, 2013

Bolivia: Teenage Preganancy Prevention

Foster discussion forums at the Teenage Education Units in Riberalta to promote teenage pregnancy prevention through social networks and workshops like: Life Projects, Self-Esteem, Values, Reproductive Sexual Health, Family Planning, Contraceptive Methods, Sexual Rights, STDs/VIH Prevention.

Albania: Youth Together for Local Representation and Rights

Youth representation and participation in decision-making processes remains a concerning matter in Albania. This leads to policy approaches that are out of touch with the views of young people and fail to adequately address their demands and aspirations. The project aims to bring young people of 16-21 age group in Durres city, to network and blog on issues such as youth policies, concrete actions that should be taken by Durres local organs.