· March, 2013

Proposals Youth Advocacy from March, 2013

Nicaragua: My Voice, Your Voice, Our Voice in the Community

  March 5, 2013

The project will work with young people from the community so that they can exchange experiences about their lives (organizations, health, education, community projects), so that they can become agents of change. We hope to create a Communications Resource Center where they will be provided with the tools that allow them to interact with other young people and develop communication skills and abilities.

Haiti: Global Potential's “Hispaniola Youth Rise” project

  March 4, 2013

Haiti and the DR are facing times that are both challenging and full of potential. Hispaniola Youth Rise is a proposed project of Global Potential (GP) building on its current mission to empower youth and communities to energize each other through education, international service, cultural exchange, and the use of documentary and social media. This project aims specifically at unifying Haitian and Dominican youth through media capacity building.

Brazil: Our Rivers Speak (ORS)

  March 4, 2013

Our Rivers Speak will record/broadcast the living memory and culture of Cabelo Seco, a community that lies between the dying Rivers Tocantins and Itacaiunas, gateway to the Amazon. Coordinated by young Afro-Indigenous artists, our videos will reach local, national-international schools, networks and leaders through digital media to sustain global eco-systems by preserving local cultural diversity threatened by the industrialization of the Amazon.

Brazil: Favela a Mil – Community Exchanges through Video

  March 4, 2013

This project will multiply the effects of two years of work by the MDDF (Movement in Defense of Slum Dwellers’ Rights) to produce a documentary about the history of the movement through interviews with its leaders (to May 2013). This new project will offer video workshops and open-air movie nights showing the workshop videos and the documentary in 10 slum areas, mobilizing youth and presenting their voices alongside those of the older generation.

Mexico: Online Communication Skills for NGOs

  March 4, 2013

The valuable work of mexican NGO's is ignored by the on line media, we want to teach them how to use these tools to communicate their efforts and social impact, to create networks within the young citizens and motivate them to support their work. NGO's will be the authors of their narratives on a daily basis as a way to measure their resonance and visibility in modern society.

Malawi: The Evils of Child Marriage Awareness (ECMA)

  March 4, 2013

Malawi has one of the highest child marriage prevalence rates in the world. According to UNFPA report in 2012 on average, one out of two girls will be married by their 18th birthday. Through Awareness campaigns by trainers, the project will capacitate the marginalized communities on child rights and child marriage issues, build a database of people's views on child marriage, and contribute towards enactmate of child bill in the Malawi Parliament

Liberia: Girls Advocacy Forum Project

  March 4, 2013

The Girls Advocacy Forum (GAF) Project will provide an interactive web space for Liberian adolescent girls to: • Speak out on the issues that affect girls in Liberia and • Advocate for policies and national-level programs that will ensure the development and empowerment of Liberian Girls. The girls will be trained in advocacy, photojournalism, creative writing and using the internet and social media as an advocacy tool.

Uganda: Empowering Youths in School to Raise Voices

  March 4, 2013

St. Paul Secondary School, Mpererwe wishes to run a project to raise voices from youths in schools and other institutions of learning by training them to use digital photography technology and web searching in order to share the plight, challenges and success stories from youths in institutions of learning and conduct discussions through blogging and mobile phone cameras to cope up with appropriate strategies to overcome development barriers.

Zimbabwe: Enhancing Youth Participation in Democractic Development

  March 3, 2013

The undertaking will see the training of youths on how to use online media tools to achieve their human rights activism and promote greater civic participation. Experts on citizen media shall be invited to make deliberations. And this shall benefit the youths and their communities through attaining clear knowledge on online media tools and link with the global world.Such a project will promote effectiveness in promoting democracy,justice and peace