· February, 2013

Proposals in Youth Advocacy from February, 2013

February 24, 2013

Jamaica: Safe Kids Project

To heighten the awareness of the general population about the issue of child safety by utilizing social media, photography, poster creations, video presentations and docudramas. Ten (10) adults which will include teachers and parents and 60 children between the ages of 10 and 14 will be trained to use these tools to advocate for Child Safety.

Bolivia: Ser Diversos nos Hace Iguales

The main target is to make heard the voice of the youth which has been traditionally marginalized, like rural youngsters with different sexual orientation and gender identity, African descendants, disabled youth and others, by creating blogs and social networks platforms where they can share their needs and proposals to the decision makers and the whole society, to generate a equality movement and will try to influence public politics.

Palestine: The Young Blogger

It seeks to a step by step process in qualifying the ages from 10-16 to be a good bloggers for their town history,starting by mobile photographs , publishing process and how they can make a story around the photos, how this kind of work will affect the olders through the network…..

February 23, 2013

Ghana: A Walk in the Savannah

The project wants to capture what is left of the Savannah woodlands which densely covered the region. Through the lenses of the digital cameras, the beauty of the Savannah woodland, the arts and culture of the people living in it will be captured by the participants which targets the interested youth in the area. The images taken will be exhibited in the Flickr account that will be created for the project as well as to be exhibited in the town.

February 22, 2013

Kenya: Kibwezi Youth Network

Kibwezi Youth Network project seeks to mobilize, train and encourage the youth in Kibwezi district to use social media to access information and connect with the world. The youth have difficulties in making decision due to lack of exposure, since their concepts of communication knowledge is limited. They will be trained through workshops and encouraged to use citizen media to alleviate the challenges that face them.

February 21, 2013

Ghana: Reality

The project is about telling the stories of thousand of Liberian refugees who opted for local integration instead of voluntary repatriation. Using digital video, podcast, digital photographs we hope to provide a brief documentation of the Buduburam Refugee Camp and also videotape and record the stories of thousand voiceless Liberian refugees whilst educating them about digital video, digital photographs and blogs during these transition periods.

February 20, 2013

Uganda: Changing my World

The project will focus on learning and information sharing among youth who live with and those affected by HIV/AIDS by developing interactive youth community forums which will help them speak out and share their life stories, Testimonies and plight of living with HIV/AIDS and share their experiences with other communities. Encourage involvement and participation in social networks, digital video and digital photograph to fight stigma and disc

Ghana: The Cape Coast e-Learning Initiative

The project is to help students use the internet for research so they improve upon their grades in school. It is also to help young people in and around Apewosika acquire and develop themselves in the area of skills acquisition in Information technology and prepare them for the world of work through training and capacity building

Kenya: Uniting and Securing Our Communities

The purpose of the project is to create cohesion, unity and raise awareness on the consequences resulting from discrimination with respect to culture, religion, tribe, color or race among the youths out of school by use of modern media technology. The project hopes to use mobile phones, digital video and photography to raise awareness about the consequences of such vices in our community especially among the youths out of schools; how it affect

Uganda: Younger Enterprenuers Minds

Project is aimed at bringing the younger entrepreneurs involved in different activities to have a common voice. The targeted group is for the day school going youth who pay for themselves school fees by doing varoius activities. Most of the group are involved in agriculture and all we shall do is to link them up to have a collective bargaining power share experiences and have access to market. This younger entrepreneurs will be helped to access c