· March, 2013

Proposals in Youth Advocacy from March, 2013

March 3, 2013

Malawi: Improved Youth Welfare through Online Discussions

Youth are excluded in many undertakings and this negatively affects them. In our district youth don’t have forums to discuss issues and be heard by the decision makers. This project will promote open discussions and networking through training the youth and community members to use Facebook, twitter and group blogs to advocate for the improved youth welfare in areas such as HIV prevention, entrepreneurships, girls education, and risky lifestyles

Kenya: Youth Cafe’

This project will use social media to enlighten the youth on the benefits of making informed choices and the best ways through which they can engage politicians in order to safeguard their future. Through radio talk shows, the youth will be engaged on discussions aimed at empowering them on national development agenda. Resolutions on youth participation in development initiatives will be drafted,uploaded online and shared with the policy makers.

Uganda: Sharing Our World

The project is aimed at empowering young people with ICT skills to enable them share their stories and raise awareness about issues that affect them on a daily basis to a wider community. They will also be trained on how to write compelling stories that can be used to advocate for change. The project aims at training 30 young people in Kawempe who will eventually be part of the implementing team. A group of youth advocates will also be formed.

Lesotho: The Children's Voice Newspaper

The Children's Voice newspaper will work as a platform where children from different categories will come up and express their opinion, thoughts and express their views, share information and get informed in a constructive and developing way. The newspaper will be stories of children as well as sharing their interests with other children. We are aiming at conscentizing the Law and policy-makers, to understand the views of the children.

March 2, 2013

Kenya: IPF Green – Sauti za Vijana wa Turkana

Turkana County, the poorest in Kenya suffers from chronic underdevelopment, extreme poverty, perennial resource conflicts, in addition to an 80% illiteracy rate. This project aims to begin training the of youth in Turkana to use different citizen media participation tools with help from two local environmental NGOs to tackle the environmental & sustainable development issues affecting their County and using a human rights based approach.

Kenya: Girls Community Digital Desk Project

This project is aimed at promoting the voices of young girls born with HIV through online media. The project will train 20 young girls between the age of 10-19 years on leadership skills and basic journalism skills.The girls will then take lead in writing their own stories to inspire, and advocate for their rights through social media. Their stories will be published on a common blog that the girls themselves will be in charge of updating.

Ethiopia: Rural Youth Agri-conservation Knowledge Sharing Initiative

The project seeks to use the internet (Facebook, twitter, blogging, and periodic newspaper) for local research and knowledge sharing so that they conserve their natural resource bases around the undulating terrains they settled on. It is intended to help young people in and around Ensaro-Wayu acquire and develop them in the area of skills acquisition in Information technology as a solution for adapting unpredicted weather and crop failure.

Morocco: Fors@Challenge – Giving Voice to Young Social Entrepreneurs

Fors@Challenge is the 1st competitive online reality show for social entrepreneurs in the MENA region engaging & mobilizing thousands of youth from the online community towards action. Fors@ will select 12 youth with innovative ideas tackling their communities problems. The show will be broadcasted online allowing viewers, via web presence and social media campaign, to interact and engage with the Fors@Challengers via voting, commenting & sharing

Uganda: Using Smart Phones for Youth Agricultural Development

The projects will teach youth in agriculture on how to use smart phone technology and online social networks to increase their productivity in agriculture through knowledge sharing and learning about good farming practices with other youths in the same sector. All the information generated from the youth will be posted on an online social network platform for discussion. Trainings/workshops will be held to teach youth on how to use these media.

March 1, 2013

Uganda: Expririence Documentation for Victims of LRA

This project is intended to document experiences of the Victims in Northern Uganda conflict between Lords Resistance Army and Government of Uganda . this project will help to build a data base for various events such as massacre sites, mass graves and individuals victims of various human right abuse and violations ,the documentaries will be used for planning and advocacy for reparation and fundraising for the victims support / rehabilitation