Uganda: Raising the Voiceless Through IT/Media

The project entitled “Raising the voiceless through IT/Media” will tackle issues related to commercial sex exploitation affecting communities in Northern Ugandan, and it will target two Luo tribes that is; the Langi and the Acholi focusing mainly on children. The Langi and Acholi children in Northern Uganda.Groups of children will be trained from the local communities, and they will be trained to use IT/Media to share their stories.


  • Raising the voiceless through the media,yes i think your concept note looks credible but i think in case you go through increase the scope so that you spread this message like bush fire,this group of people suffered for a long time and with very many civil society organization come up to rehabilitate the area i would like to think yours will easily attract high interest.Thanks good luck.

    • Dear Deborah,

      Thank you for your support and taking your time to go through our concept. Basing on your comment, our main focus is to reach out to as many individuals as possible. During implementation, after training the participants to use IT/Media to communicate, we plan to further our scope by facilitating them interms of resources to go to different areas in different communities training and involving more people in participating in this same cause, this will enable us reach more communities.

      Thank you again.

  • Miles Jobs

    Impressive, thank you raising voices for this wonderful media.
    Now i happen to be well versed knowledgely about Northern Uganda because of the war there and with such ideas i really want to ask FIDEV that, what will you do to help those who are still stigmatised with the war and were in one way or another sexually abused at tender years of their developments?

    • Miles Jobs

      Thank you Miles, relating to the question you asked about the victims of the war who are still stigmatised, as part of the training, we already have professonal counsellors, who are ready and willing to care and listen, and help these vulnerable groups of people recover from their painful past. We also have youth groups on the ground who can further enable them participate n this training. Both these groups of people will support them through every step of the way, so that in the log run they are able to stand on their own, and also help others around them by the use of IT/ media.

  • Agnes Doris

    It believe that will be of great help to the victims of the war in Northern Uganda. Wish u all the best of luck

  • Apio Esther Claire

    Am impressed that our children will have a base of voice, recognition, education, good health hence bright future. I pray that we all join our abilities to bring smiles upon our children in Northern Uganda. Let us kick; poverty, ignorance, early pregnancies, deaths out of our country. Thanks for bringing hope among the vulnerable Lango and Acholi families. May God bless your hands.

  • Carolyne Acen. M

    Great work. A Good working initiative for Northern Uganda which will in turn bring about sustainable development in the region… very impressed with the idea and how it will create an impact to the lango and acholi communities as an eventuality. I Believe with this, most youth will be able to express themselves more and create more participation in developmental activities .

    please do include the minority groups too …

  • Olwol Jasper

    Dear Carol,

    Thank you for your comment and positve feedback, this project seeks to target vulnerable groups of people who are the minority groups in these regions, because they are the ones who have suffered alot.

    Thank u again.

  • wojega

    this is one bright idea that will awaken our young and future country men and women

  • Great idea and will be of great help to all victims of war !! One day in shaa Allah, i will visit northern uganda. Till then Good luck buddy

  • Ruben Semmy Moses

    Ruben Semmy Moses
    Great idea, Community social problems can solved through IT media in a direct and real life scenario. its indisputable now days that the views of such vulnerable group of people has not been heard due to lack of media access and grass root mechanism challenges.this project will open doors to other rural voices in many other parts of the world.

    Thanks for the Idea

  • Tony Barasa

    Bringing injustices like these to the light brings about real change! I Salute you.

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