Uganda: Right To Speak Ik

The Right to Speak Ik will mobilize, build capacity and create awareness for a handful of remaining Ik speakers in Uganda’s remotest region of Karamoja to use Digital technologies particularly mobile phones, digital cameras and micro blogs to not only document and preserve important ancestral knowledge and cultural wealth found in the endangered IK language but also encourage the next generation of speakers.


  • Joel Tamale

    Karamoja is indeed one of the most backward and cut off areas in the whole world. Would be interesting to hear stories coming from this area. I don’t even know that he IK people indeed exist in Uganda……is there a way i can volunteer on this project… good at blogging and training in micro-blogging..

  • Nduggwa Hassan

    I have been working in Karamoja for the last three years centred in Abim just close to Kabong District where the IK people live. They have a very unique culture and this place doesnot have internet or any phone network so am very curious about how you will connect them to the global map but i suggest you work with our organisation AYDL as we have a very good working relationship with the elders. We can also help to identify some local Ik people to do some translations. Overall this is a unique program. Keep me posted

  • I am happy that this kind of project to happen in Uganda. Alot of the time bloggers or persons with interest to get be citizen journalists especially in the rural areas have been over looked – I find that most training always happen around Kampala and leaving other parts of Uganda out of the Picture …

    Conducting a project in Karamoja brings in a new face to allow more people in the rural Uganda to participate in the online discussions – This is away to go and i am happy Wakib you are setting the Example . I am Sure BloggersUG would love to give their input

    Thank you

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