April 2, 2014

Proposals from April 2, 2014

Ecuador: Growing to the Beat of the Music

The project is to create songs with the issues affecting children and their environment. We want everyone to hear the songs, share them, and make good deciciones. The songs will be sung by the children of the community. We want to create a bank of audio, and they are used by the community, institutions and government.

Egypt: Yadaweya – Egypt Crafts Artisans Platform

Yadaweya is an online handicrafts marketplace serves as a platform for sharing stories about handicrafts artisans in upper Egypt and desert areas in Egypt with customers who value and appreciate the uniqueness of these ethnic traditional crafts. Yadaweya is an online fair trade marketplace that serves as a platform for those interested in discovering Egypt's crafts disadvantages communities and its cultural heritage. we aims to connect (offline) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide through spread their stories and products.

Serbia: Zemun Info

“Zemun info” is the current blog, where I work and write for the fourth year, which promotes the social networks and which, with the official presentation of the municipality of Zemun almost the only local media community of 200,000 residents. It is necessary for him to read, and my fellow citizens and the Diaspora who want to be informed about what is happening in your hometown. My desire is to improve it so I'm going to create associates and educate them in the collection service and other information. I`m a professional journalist with years of experience.

India: Empowerment of Women Labour Realities

Rising voice is a rare Initiative that recognizes the growing participation gap in digital media and journalism. It’s goal to bring new voices from new communities and languages to the ‘Conversational web’ aligns with women laboureres’ fundamental objectives are: to empower women laboureres socio – economically underprivileged women laboureres living In Matharai, Usilampatti villages as Dinamalar Journalists who will write and disseminate unrecognized and authentic community narratives In global media.

Uganda: The Women Living with AIDS Rights Campaign

Snow Rural Community Development Organisation wish to increase the promotion of women living with HIV/AIDS rights These women have been seen and treated as of less importance to the community ,their lobbying have been lees attention and thus living alife full of stigma and a lot of inferiority that have finaly lowered their development This project intents to use social media to present these marginalized women living with HIV/AIDS Voices to the concerned stake holders and other communities for help. We seek to train focal persons wh are also PHAs in using citizen journalism,pictures,record

Uganda: Amplifying Voices of people living with HIV

This project aims to influence HIV and broader health policy, programming and financing at a local, national and international level. Our citizen journalists come from diverse backgrounds and include representatives from marginalized groups most at risk of HIV and people living with HIV, to report the HIV, health and human rights stories that matter to them. By documenting local realities and ensuring those not able to tell their stories are heard, Citizens Journalists play an invaluable part in advocating for the right to health, education clean water, and improved social delivery

Belarus: Information Technologies for Online Representation of Regional Youth

The project is aimed at online representation of regional youth as well as increasing the amount of the newly registered NGOs. This will be achieved through the provision of services of the simplified and automated electronic preparation of constituent documents online. The project also aims at increasing the use of e-government practices and information about them. The project activity includes the set up of a specialized website that contains software tools using which the applicant without special legal knowledge will be able to make informed choices on the legal form of the future NGOs.

Kenya: Guza Initiative

Guza Initiative is a swahili word for touch, The project aims at touching the community, through different tools of citizen media especially in Kibera slums. Guza Initiative is aimed at empowering youths from Kibera slums to be able to use Digital media tools to tell their own stories by themselves and make their voices heard. Guza Initiative is a project that will involve training youths from Kibera slums on using camera, mobile phones and Blogging sites to be able to make video and online reports on what goes on in their community, hence give the community a voice.

Gambia: Creating Opportunities for Young Journalists Using the Social Media

The project will target young journalists working with newspapers, magazines, online newspaper and community radios. Young journalists between 18-35 will be targeted during the implementation of the project. We will gather the young journalists train them on using the social media by having their own accounts and blogs-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and a young journalists blog. Many young journalists are not expose to the use social media by creating self-employment that is to be contracted by government ministries, departments, NGOs etc to manage their social media sites.

Uganda: Connecting Gorilla Community

This project seeks to initiate a development process focusing on the empowerment of men and women with their children that work as porters in Bwindi Impenetrable National park with communication skills through training on how to use citizen media especially digital photography and social networks. Their experiences will be shared and heard online since they have been neglected yet they help as support staff in Gorilla tracking, one of the most treasured activities in the Uganda's tourism industry.