April 3, 2014

Proposals from April 3, 2014

Cameroon: Raising Community Online Reporters

Within many communities in Kupe Muanenguba region of Cameroon, the use of ICT tools and social media utilization is minimal and nearly absent while many issues of human rights abuses on women and girls, indiscriminate and illegal hunting of wildlife abound without notice. This project plans to train and equip 15 teenagers on the use of social media networks (facebook, twitter) in the production and reporting of news contents. Through their online reports with photographs, articles, short videos using facebook, twitter and emails, the global community will know what goes on and take action.

Uganda: Training 70 Women Conflict Victims on Storytelling

The project seeks to training women of barlonyo massacre in northern uganda, on digital story telling and documentation within six months duration,580 people were massacred in total, with 301 people were buried in mass grave, the training will enable women to be effective in sharing the poor and vulnerable conditions of life their community members are living in, this will be achieved through partnering with one photo studio company,one computer company where, at least two experienced personnel in the two fields will become part of the project staffs.

Nigeria: Rainbow Musings

To empower youths technologically in areas of photography, video making, simple writing basics and poetry. The Rainbow-musings project is meant to rejuvenate youths of Lugbe, most of which escaped from far North-eastern Nigeria where government forces are battling insurgents who believe that ‘western civilization is evil’. Change is good, but change from affluence to penury is bad. Most of these youths have stories to tell about their survival and how they have been holding-on to life. We intend to preach HOPE to these youths by making use of attractive and youth-engaging methods.

Nigeria: Enhance Project+

Enhancing Comprehensive service delivery on TB/HIV/AIDs prevention and impact mitigation in rural communities of Nigeria through Citizen media services (ENHANCE PROJECT). ENHANCE project was born after the design of 10 year strategic plan on comprehensive TB/HIV/AIDS service delivery by our organization. Deliverable 1. The concept of this project is to trained 60 community health service providers in rural communities rural communities of Nigeria on technical ways of documenting their project report through documentary films and bring it to a global audience 2. create a blogger

China: Stories of Birth – Women Empowerment Through Media

Our project seeks to create an open, honest dialogue in rural communities, as well as national and international communities, about issues surrounding motherhood and child-bearing in rural China. Workshops in filmmaking and interview techniques shall be offered to train young participants in the local community. After the workshops, participants will interview and film their mother at home, producing a series of short films to be shown at screening sessions in local, national and international communities. Discussion about women's issues will be encouraged on a variety of platforms