April 7, 2014

Proposals from April 7, 2014

Bolivia: Indigenous Youth to the Rescue of Musical Identity

Young ayllu Cochabamba strengthen the cultural wealth of poetry, sound and musical performance by singing the songs will be recorded and issued to disseminate experience in all areas and populations. Dissemination tool will be building post cast, digital photography, every young indigenous and group will be trained in the management and construction of these multimedia. The methodology recovered principles, values, knowledge from the experience of grandparents, to see where we are, recover lost values and shared with the community and the new world projections.

Bolivia: Indigenous Women Against Gender Violence

Since the project will use new technologies to make a campaign, visualization and awareness against gender violence. Through the production of a documentary video arrive, Women and indigenous and non-indigenous men of the country and the world; in order to uproot a cultural pattern of legitimization of violence against women within and outside the communities achieving recognition of the existence and enforcement of human rights to which indigenous women against violence and in favor of the construction culture of peaceful coexistence promoted by the same Bolivian Constitutional text.

Nigeria: Deaf Internet Awareness Outreach

We intend to promote the use of the Internet by the deaf community in Plateau state Nigeria.I intend to host a regular radio show for a 1 month period that will encourage the deafs to use ICT & inform them of immediate benefits and opportunities available online. There will also be a special 4 days ICT training and computer donation for 10 deaf institutions.I also intend to have a public page on Facebook that will forever be dedicated to providing relevant information about deafness and encouraging others to learn sign language to help bridge communication gap between the hearing.

Macedonia: The Educational Platform

We would like to propose the implementation of a learning platform on which people would be able to record themselves teaching certain skills, like foreign languages, computer sciences, drawing, cooking, etc. Those videos would be preserved so that any other visitor coming on our website would have the possibility to review them, and hopefully, to show his/her gratitude by recording a video as well. We also organize seminars, in person, and we would like to make them easily accessible. Entire project would be attached to our website, www.danaucime.mk.

Bolivia: Voices and Experiencies From the Chiquitanos

To train young people from the Chiquitanos to be local reporters and share through radio and Blogs, their culture, traditions, and daily activities which relate also to the national situation. The project aims at answering the need for indigenous voices to be heard and the need to access communication mediums that are global in scope. We will hold work shops aimed at creating technical skills, and we will also promote communication strategies aimed at creating awareness for their specific identity and respect for their rights.

Brazil: Vukapanávo – Go Ahead II

This project resulted from a workshop held in 2012 with indigenous Terena-Brazil. In the workshop participants produced videos showing the non-indigenous elements of their culture, trying to deconstruct prejudicial thoughts. The result was positive and currently there is a request for more activity. Now the focus is on young people living in indigenous villages in this municipality, which through non-verbal language (graphics), with verbal language, will tell the story of their lives, the community and combat militancy erroneous messages of mass media.

Togo: Fika'oleo

The project involves strengthening capacity and boosting the Togo OpenStreetMap community by advanced training on mapping OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS. The goal is, through a program of activities aimed at the creation of the map of the University of Lomé and the production of useful information guides, provide to the OSM TG community an important background in the creation and use of free geographic data to demonstrate their usefulness and in turn promote the support of national and international community to OSM mappers in Togo.

Papua New Guinea: GWIM59 ICT4Development

Am currently undergoing a 3 week training program of which 26 women including myself from different areas in Papua New Guinea, mainly very rural areas of Papua New Guinea reside. We have amongst us, one participant who can not read or write in English but was selected and recommended by the Donor sponsor company itself for her great achievement in her community. The 24 other women are leaders in their areas seeking opportunities to empower their women community. Many of these 24 women do not use the Internet and being able to teach them basic internet skills would be a great opportunity

Kenya: Citizen Journalism and ICT for Social Development

This Sky FM/Witaba Foundation project seeks the promotion of Citizen Journalism through the use of new media tools among youth and women aged 18-35. We hope to empower underrepresented voices through digital media and citizen journalism by providing an online platform to share stories, and raise awareness about issues that are often overlooked by mainstream media and matter most to underserved communities.

Peru: Life Plan indigenous Shipibo

he proposed Plan of indigenous communities living Shipibos project is important for the communities to plan their social, economic development and history, also known communities information through databases each area communities as; soil, water, birds, animals, flora and other resources that make up the territory, and this plan will achieve community plans proposed development activities with management monthly and annual plans would be the best presentation of community proposals .