Togo: Fika'oleo

The project involves strengthening capacity and boosting the Togo OpenStreetMap community by advanced training on mapping OpenStreetMap and Quantum GIS. The goal is, through a program of activities aimed at the creation of the map of the University of Lomé and the production of useful information guides, provide to the OSM TG community an important background in the creation and use of free geographic data to demonstrate their usefulness and in turn promote the support of national and international community to OSM mappers in Togo.


  • Fofana

    Ce projet est un véritable intégrateur de solution dans le monde de la géomatique est des SIGs libres. En effet QGIS est une plateforme libre ainsi que OpenStreetMap. ces deux éléments combinés, constituent un véritable outils d’apprentissage pour les étudiants désireux et soucieux d’avoir une formation assez solide en Systèmes d’Informations Géographiques. IL faut dire que l’information géographique est de plus en plus capitale dans la prise de décision surtout pour ce qui concerne les programmes/projets de développement. Initier les étudiants et autres acteurs à l’usage d’un tel outil, pourra sans doute et à coup sûr leur permettre de s’engager sur des voies raisonnables dans la réalisation de leur projet/programme de développement.
    donc soutenons ce projet

    • Fofana

      This project is a real solution integrator in the world of geomatics is free SIGs. Indeed QGIS is a free platform and OpenStreetMap. these two elements combined, constitute a learning tool for students willing and anxious to have a fairly strong background in Geographical Information Systems. IT must be said that geographic information is increasingly vital in the decision-making especially as regards the programs / projects. Introduce students and others to use such a tool, and will probably fail to enable them to engage in reasonable ways in their project / program development.
      therefore support this project

  • Frédéric Millogo

    this is a very good idea to support. This project will benefit all levels: for students and openstreetmap community. students will have support at hand to be able to guide on campus. also, students in geography will acquire new knowledge to benefit their experience. Today, mapping is central to many activities so I think the authorities should encourage this beautiful initiative. good luck

    • Amadou Ndong

      Thank you Frederic Milogo,
      you well understand the two major objectives of Fika’oleo (« where are you? (ewe)» ) project which are to perform zapping skills of the local OpenStreetMap community and to implement a powerful guiding system using maps and notebook into Lomé Campus, and this to demonstrate at the same time the usefullness of OpenStreetMap mapping, open data and GIS..and the power of communities.

      Thank you for supporting this.

  • I respect support Amadou brings us in these last moments in the field of Geographic Information System. It can always count on the unfailing supports the geovision our Association

  • Mapping and GIS have become unavoidable decisions tools today. Data becoming increasingly diverse, it goes without saying to work to collect and fill up to inform people. OpenStreetMap by its collaborative and participatory best meets the production requirements of spatial data or not.

  • Amadou Ndong

    Thank you for these really interesting inputs !

  • Agnès Duvernois

    Really interesting project. I wish all the best. You master OSM interests perfectly now and you have a great capacity for knowledge transfer. Everyone will be will be benefited I am sure.

  • Amadou Ndong

    Thank you so much Agnès.

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