April 9, 2014

Proposals from April 9, 2014

Malawi: Pamodzi Media – Bringing Digital Media to the Disabled Community

The project is designed to enhance unified access to health and social-economic information for the vulnerable people and increase their usage of digital media and take up leading role in influencing the policies and counter act on the social injustice that heavily affect people with disability. The project website will be developed and it will house online audio, video and article publications. weekly outreach events, will be encourage to sensitize on the use of our online media website. The project will teach and encourage use of digital media amongst the disabled people

Kenya: Click the World

Young people are full of optimism and they easily take advantage of opportunities and information that are availed to them.The challenge remains finding avenues where they can access such platforms. GHETTO POTENTIAL TRUST KENYA works to create a four day seminar dubbed Click the World, a concept that brings together thirty five young people from seven slums within Nairobi. The emphasis of this project is to expose the positive side of informal settlements. The youth will be introduced to simple writing skills and online reporting.

Macedonia: Visuallizing NGO’s Success Stories in Macedonia

The project proposal has the overall objective of raising the awareness and educating the NGO sector members in Macedonia for overcoming the major encountered obstacles during the start-up phase. The project consists of two main activities: producing a short documentary with success stories of NGO’s that have already successfully passed the start-up phase and organizing one 4-hour workshop on “Experiencing the Start-Up Phase and Digitalization for NGO’s” intended for members of newly established NGO’s in Macedonia. The project will last from 1 August – 31 December 2014.

Nigeria: Stand Up Voice Out!

the proposed project will be showcasing stories of girls who have had and are having experiences with cases of teenage pregnancy, early motherhood and marriage, and sexually transmitted infections. the project is to serve as a platform where this experiences will be shared and discussed, with the objective of sensitizing the public against the ills and dangers of these issues that are rather not talked about for cultural and religious reasons.

Cameroon: Connecting Parents with Autistic Children

This project intends to bring mutual support to parent living with autistic children to share their experiences and bring mutual support each other using Facebook and through mobile phone or computers in urban and rural settings. Autism is difficult to undertake with poor support like in Cameroon. Parent can connect each other and share their knowledge and get also online in contact with specialists that can bring them advices and orientation

Colombia: Human Rights Memory

We´ve created a website and apps that integrate information of the memory of victims of cases of Human Rights violations of Latin America and Brazil.The contents are constructed jointly together with the affected ones and it´s shared in several languages and multimedia.As well the platform uses other interactive tools to share and integrate the information for human rights promotion and its activities.The proposal looks to get resources to develop on objects and handicraft items produced by victims with augmented reality codes to approach and address society and the stakeholders to the project

Ukraine: You Have a Right to Know

This project proposal aims at facilitating access to the Internet vulnerable groups (people with disabilities and older people ). The project covers the development of the three important areas. First will be trained target group to be set up with people vulnerable, how to use Internet resources and social networks. Second is the work done with local Internet Media of Chernivtsi region, that they have created Accessibility online resources. Third conducting training for social services of Chernivtsi region as in touch with vulnerable groups through social networks.

Brazil: Descubra Lençóis

This project tends to create a mobile app with historical and cultural information about the historical city of Lençóis, Bahia, Brasil (protected by Unesco ). We will develop this app together with the youth leaderships at the region and it will help them to increase their digital and historical knowledge. We are sure that locals and tourists using this app will have an easier access to the historical facts and backgrounds of the interesting diamond history. This includes historical houses, museums, churches, squares and main cultural events, etc.

Brazil: History Manufacturers

this project is intended to enable people from the community of the Vazanteiros, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, to tell their story for the fist time. little is already known about them and most of this knowledge come from outsiders, such as scholars and all sorts of researchers, a knowledge that might not be very detached from their own interests. In this project we may teach this people to operate a photo camera, as well as basic exposure and composition notions, in order to get them to tell us, trough photography, what they really are, and what good theirs way of living does to the environment.

India: Empowerment of Women through Mobile Vaani

Sisu Vikas Samiti intend to use Mobile Vaani , a voice based technology which enables the community to raise their voices, share their concerns and express their take on social issues. Mobile Vaani platform will emerge as a common platform for the people of Odisha to share their experiences, address their queries/questions/doubts on various issues they encounter their day to day lives. Here the callers and listeners will take up the issues pertaining to the gaps in the service delivery systems of various Government Schemes, lack of awareness on social issues, better understanding of agricultur