Kenya: Campus for Transparency

Campus youth are also adversely affected by a lack of transparency but they have few avenues of talking about it, and the project aims to identify champions of transparency:give them a platform to add their voice through citizen journalism/media.“Campus” students will have an opportunity to increase their awareness on corruption risks, corrective actions and milestones/success stories and also influence others by collecting and sharing human interest stories of how corruption has affected the society and above all tell positive stories that will trigger social behaviour change.


  • Jacob

    True,young people and more so the target group, continue to bear the burden of the cost of a bleeding corrupt society. When resources are swindled and mismanaged; they miss classes because they are hungry, ill, naked or lack essential stationery; they will be in class but disoriented and discouraged for fear of unemployment; they will grow up in a valueless society, their dreams will likely die “not be valid according to Lupita Nyongo”and a generation is lost.Campus Rise Up Now and say YES to Transparency

  • am taking an example of a University A where construction of educational facilities like lecture halls and hostels has taken years to built just because someone somewhere decided to misappropriate funds, what follows is that you have to spend an extra year in the school since the school could not accommodate all students. i advocate for transparency in handling school funds!

  • Enock

    It is high time that the war on corruption in Kenya be all inclusive. This proposal comes at the right time and with a never before thought out dimension of targeting university students who are endangered through inequalities in the learning and job markets in general

  • Hyline Nyakundi

    Absolutely, first campus is where corruption starts, guys have to be bribed to vote their colleagues, they later take the same to institutions where they are finally employed. With each university of the 10 public and over 8 private having an intake of 20,000 students every year, the project can reach out to over 800,000 students if properly conducted.

  • Bilhah

    Very true. Change starts from the roots. I believe that the youth are absolute mirror of the future society. We have to do all we can to create a transparent society. Where every public tender,every tax cent,every court case,every leader,is passed through the acceptable,lawful channels that are transparent. Every citizen has a right to the truth. If we,even in smallest ways possible,teach and inspire our youth to transparent systems-we can make change. We can create an environment where everyone is held accountable for their actions. This way,we can secure a better future,and a better nation. Taking this to the campus level is a requisite.

  • if we can change the mindsets of the young students …then wherever they go they will be able to fight and condemn corruption,…

  • Hi all, thanks for the encouraging comments, we also need constructive criticism of the project rationale that would obviously make us improve its implementation i.e where are the gaps? is this approach effective?How can we make it better?Be our M&E officer

  • Enock Moturi

    Corruption is something that is adopted. it is neither taught nor inherited. University students and setup is a mirror reflection of a nation. The activities that occur there, the communication that is held there, and the line of thought developed therein get carried on to offices and places of work. I do agree with Hyline Nyakundi who says campus is where corruption starts and in addition where it is perfected. This initiative will go a long way in tackling corruption one step at a time into the future.

  • clifford koome

    corruption begins when we entertain the corrupt individuals in our society..if we change this and say no to their endevours,then go ahead and convince our peers to do the same,we wil be on our way to bringing down this big monster..

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