India: The Road Ahead – India’s Unheard Voices

Forced displacement happens due to natural or manmade disaster, social and political unrest/conflict, ecological/climate change or development (e.g. industrial projects, dam construction, etc). In India, the people that are most vulnerable to this are scheduled castes, indigenous and tribal people, often very poor and uneducated – but most of all, unheard or worse yet, silenced. Our project involves citizen reporting. Mobile phones with inbuilt audio recorders are low-cost tools that enable us to easily connect and communicate. Our hope is to bring attention toward their experiences and needs.


  • Karina Grimson

    What a fantastic proposal, and all the best to you and your charity work Max Chandra.

    Storytelling and collection of narratives in their cultural context is a successful and well documented method of not only bring groups of people together and empowering them by giving them a voice, but also bridging the gap between individuals, groups, and cultures. With Max Chandra’s proposal, this method of communication would be invaluable to the communities he is already helping, as well as reaching out to the local, as well as the global audience. I see this as a great way to initiate assistance and changes that this Charity is working towards. How wonderful that the resources of sharing this collection of narratives will reach a global audience. I understand this already as I am reading this from my home in Melbourne Australia, that this will reach the ears and hearts of many who are willing to help Max Chandra in any way.
    I can see this work being immediately useful to the people this Charity is helping, and I can see this work as a potential blueprint to continue to help other communities as well as other Charities. Good Luck to Max Chandra and One Step At A Time Charitable Foundation.

  • Giselle Maynard

    Sounds like a fantastic project, Max. You can count on me for anything I am able to help you with. Good luck! Giselle

  • Jilna

    This project works with the most vulnerable target groups in India; the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Nomadic Tribes. These groups suffer marginality and exclusion on multiple fronts and have historically been excluded from all spheres of Indian political and social life. This project addresses the vital need to have their voices heard and amplified.

  • Helen

    There are countless unheard voices in India that live precariously on the fringes of society for generations. With Max and One Step at a Time’s excellent reputation, respect and following from thousands of people across the world; his project stands to create a powerful voice for so many people. These voices, can and will be the catalyst for change, being highlighted in such a way that people will be moved to take action. This project should be fully supported and funded as it is such a direct way of getting the voiceless themselves to facilitate this change and become empowered during the process. Excellent project and sure to be a success.

  • Kate

    I think this is an amazingly innovative way of getting people’s voices heard. These really are forgotten people. We all pass them on the roads, and then forget. Max doesn’t. Because he has walked these roads, not sped by in a fast car, he has met and engaged with people and come to know their plight. To use mobile technology is a really great idea, easily accessible and all one really needs. I wish Max and One Step at a Time all the success they deserve in getting this project off the ground.

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