April 13, 2014

Proposals from April 13, 2014

Georgia: Blogging Positively – Networking Ethnic Minorities in Georgia

The project aims to give voice to voiceless, in this case to youngsters of ethnic minority groups in Georgia. The one month project implies teaching online media tools to 9 high school students of different ethnicity and as a result creating one shared blog. The workshops will be at weekends. Each session will be about different multimedia tools so that in the end the blog includes video, audio and photo materials as well as texts. The length of the project lets us establish close ties between these students so that they will continue cooperation even after this particular project.

Kenya: Damning Dams and Voices of Turkana

The people of Turkana will give simple and humane stories of the threat of the Gibe Dam Project to their livelihoods and will make 2min mini series and later compile an 11min documentary. Through online sharing and push to funders and relevant organizations, the voices of the indigenous community will be heard and hopefully halt the process until sustainable measures are put up to save the largest desert lake. It derives 90% of its water from R.Omo & provides livelihood to about 300,000 pastoralists and fishermen. In the initial stages(3 yrs), water flow into the lake will be curtailed by 70%.

Barbados: Children in the City

Youth, who live and work in the World Heritage site, Bridgetown and its Garrison will share their views on heritage and assess the impact of the World Heritage site designation on youth. Participants will advocate for an improvement in the way that youth as a stakeholder group are engaged by policymakers and how young people can benefit from living and working in the WHS Area. Using social media and free online publication tools such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram participants will photoblog their discoveries and curate an online exhibition which shares their findings with the community.

Cameroon: Bringing Voices Seldom Heard to Online Community

Our project seeks to create an active and direct online connection between voices seldom heard and the global online community through citizen media. It gives citizen journalists the tools and know-how to do live recording of testimonies of victims of human rights abuses in their immediate communities so we stream them on our online human rights TV, dignity television. We believe that those who have suffered violence need not suffer further indignity by remaining silent.This sacred space for victims of violence against women, girls and children is free at point of entry and at point of exit

India: Activism on Prevention of Child Marriages

DEEPS is a VO promotes developmental activities in an inaccessible areas in Dharmapuri dt, situated in north western part of Tamil Nadu and south in India.It is drought prone in nature,70%depends on rain fed cultivation. Due to social in security and Migration 40% leads to social problems ,child marriages are an alarming issue of the Dt. having 47% higher than the National average 45% state average 40%.In order to minimise and control the incidences,it has been planned to promote Adolescent girl journalist in rural area to empower young girls by using medium of web blog and social networking.

Croatia: Roma Documentary Pho-To(day)

A documentary photography workshop intended for children and young teenagers in order to heighten their creative and technical skills by using computer software for editing, distibuting and publishing material online. The outcome material will be used to illustrate the community magazine called Romano Čaćipe (The Roma Truth) encouraging the younger generations to be included into the magazine.

Madagascar: Malagasy Youth Voice (My Voice)

Malagasy Youth Voice is a project aiming at giving an opportunity for the voice of Malagasy youth about the future they want to be heard beyond boarders. In Madagascar, young people are underestimated due to our culture and our top down where only the voice of the elders is meant to be heard and due to system that makes that decisions are made without consultation with young people. Time is up now to offer opportunity for them to make their voice. The activities encompass training of trainers about advocacy, media advocacy, use of social media for advocacy, about photography and voice image.

Nigeria: Empowering Nigerian Deaf Community Fight Breast Cancer

This is a “Train the Trainee” workshop on accessing online breast cancer information for 20 deaf persons consisting of 16 women and 4 men. Much as breast cancer is a disease that has a woman’s face, we recognize that men do have breast cancer hence the inclusion of male participants. This project aims to bridge the gap between the deaf community in Nigeria and accessing breast health information in order to build their capacity to fight against the disease. A 2- session (morning and afternoon) workshop is being proposed scheduled for 2 hours per session on Fridays and Saturdays for 8 weeks.

Sudan: Ms. Independant​ Magazine

The aim of the magazine is to promote feminist values, gender equality and female liberation, as well as to address social problems and challenges of great concern to the Sudanese woman. The magazine will be fully operated by young women and will distributed WEEKLY for free in schools, universities as well as cafes and public gathering hotspots across Sudan, and will be available online. As the most oppressed and underprivileged group in Sudan , we hope the magazine will restore the hope for better Sudan for women.

Zimbabwe: Mbira Musical Heritage Preservation

I intend to work on digital cultural preservation and assisting our local cultural communities to both share their cultural wealth of knowledge with current and future generations and to also give them an opportunity to learn about the benefits of the internet. To achieve this, 2 workshops will be conducted to practically help with the implementation of aspects patterning to internet usage and its revelence in these communities.I will work with communities involved in the making and presentation of mbira music for the purposes of preserving the mbira heritage for current and future references