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The project Climate Change Messenger is a community based initiative that seeks to empower youth leaders in digital environment activism and human rights related issues. 25 youth leaders shall be empowered on blogging and blogs set up for them to publish environment related stories to create awareness. They will also be empowered on how to create messages on the effects of plastic bags which shall be published in the blog “Climate Messenger” to create awareness. It will stimulate more youths to get involved in environmental protection and the mitigation of climate change at community levels.

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  • Fai Cassian Ndi

    Climate Change Messenger strives to give a voice to citizen journalists in rural areas to create to awareness on the dangers of climate change, global warming as well as build the capacity of youth leaders as agents for the Green
    Phenomenon. Through blogging communities leaders, youths will also be capable to express their concerns, knowledge and ideas on indigenous practical measures that could mitigate climate change and especially the rampant use of polythene bags as Cameroon Government has slammed ban on non-biodegradable plastics of less than 60 mircons.
    Advocacy networking is an important component of the project and by bringing
    together the youths for a common fight; it will successfully change mindsets
    on important issues like global warming, water pollution and water scarcity especially in an area like Donga Mantung Division that has been hit by water scarcity.
    Climate Change Messenger is both an educational tool and an instrument for
    voicing concerns on Climate change and the use polythene bags.
    The phenomenon of climate change is quite pressing one and can only succeed if the community voices are heard and involved actively. It is not only
    a necessity but a practical way to instill hope for the future and reinforces
    government efforts in mitigating global warming and climate change. Climate
    Messenger will instill a strong response to climate change issues in the nearest
    Climate Change Messenger is to transmit a simple clear message from voices that have been silent due to ignorance.

    Climate Change Messenger has as main objective to instill an environmental
    consciousness in people of all ages.
    The project specific objectives are:
    *To establish and operationalize network of young environment bloggers aimed at raising awareness on Climate Change and other environment issues;
    *To develop and disseminate messages on burning environmental issues
    *To produce educational /sensitization messages on climate change adaptation
    *Establish a link between environmental issue and natural resource management

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