Kenya: Africa Stories Project

Kenya has over 40 tribes that make a rich and diverse culture. Each of these have distinctive rich stories that have been passed on from generation to generation around fireplaces in the rural areas. These stories were used to teach morals, etiquette, and other social norms, to preserve traditions, and to act as oral historic records of family migrations, significant occurrences and so on.Since most of these stories were passed on orally, there are very few written or recorded accounts in existence. We therefore want to capture these stories and preserve a large knowledgebase of our stories.

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  • I really like the sound of this project. I have been to Kenya and have met people from the Turkana, Pokot, Luo and Massi tribes. It would be great to hear more about their different cultures and myths. I think it is a great idea to take this story telling tradition into the 21st century and preserve on video. Are you going to share these stories online?
    If you need any help in delivering participatory workshops I would be happy to help.

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