Proposals Albania

Albania: The Marathon of Vox Populi “More Women in Politics Because…”

  April 14, 2014

The project aims to ensure a greater voice for women and to promote women’s equality for 2015 Local Election. Women’s “marathon” will be a national action and will cover 12 regions of Albanian. It will be constituted by several elements;the most important will be the “equal rights spot” where citizens from every part of Albania will give their opinion and reasons for supporting women in politics. The Vox populi interviews will be conducted by 12 women previously trained, with citizen -12 regions of Albania. Then, the interview will be summarized in a TVspot “More women in politics because…”

Albania: Pa Fokus Magazine

  April 13, 2014

Pa Fokus is an online magazine dedicated to you, bridging experiences from urban to rural context through promoting media tools such and story telling. Another project paralleled with Pa Fokus is “Fol Shpejt” which in a sort of way develops everything the magazine develops in an online form through a more physically and direct experience with others and socializing. These two projects help the community in Albania, to gather up and keep updated about several feeds and activities that each of the cities and rural places are up to, also helps to promote an active citizenship.