Proposals Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Social Networking for River Erosion Victims

  April 15, 2014

The general objective of the project is to enable a number of youth (All of them from river erosion victim families) to acquire professional skills on making surveys, documentation, photographs, documentary films and above all using social media to let the world know the current situation of their community. At the end of the project, we aim to enable young people to set up a blog that covers the Southern issue and attempts to introduce the issue over a wider range. In addition, the project aims to establish a supporting network of

Bangladesh: SharedLives

  April 14, 2014

SharedLives is about bringing together underserved youth from different backgrounds, different countries by getting the youth engaged, helping them understand each other and building tolerance between diverse groups through visual communication and storytelling. The pilot project will involve children from underprivileged families in Bangladesh sharing their stories through digital media. Stories from different regions will be exchanged and exhibited internationally, increasing the knowledge of youth on different international social matters occurring around them.

Bangladesh: Fighting Drug Through Photography Campaign

  April 14, 2014

Due to unemployment, maximum number of youths of the bordering district Jessore of Bangladesh is very vulnerable to drug abuse and drug smuggling. Through this project, we shall provide training on Digital Photography & Social Networking (through existing network, e.g. Facebook) among those youth who has recovered from drug abuse & getting Lifeskill training, seeking job. This project will help these youth to be innovative & find out a job (as photographer or Digital marketing), enabling them to eradicate their extreme poverty and keep them away from vulnerability of drug abuse.

Bangladesh: CANCER Project in Moulvibazar

  April 9, 2014

In Moulvibazar the literacy rate is significantly low and there is little knowledge and awareness on harmful effect of tobacco use. The poor day labourers, adibashi, women, boys, teachers, religious leaders, Mattabbar, UP Members, Chairmans take beedis, cigarettes, tobacco with betel leaf and other tobacco products ignoring country's legislation and FCTC convention. CANCER (Cooperation & Assistance for Narcotic Control for Enlighten Human Resources) Project aims to educate/capacitated to local level administration and community for ensuring smoke free environment involving UP/Village Courts.

Bangladesh: Citizen Journalism Project for Women

  April 8, 2014

The project I'm proposing is simple. I would like to train up to 20 youth women citizen journalists under the facilitation of journalist, expert on social media. I would like to train them 3 important things (1) blogging, Wikipedia, social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter & Youtube (2) how to utilize them in a way that is relevant to their lives (3) how they can train their peers how to use them as well. End of the workshop participants are able to gain knowledge & skills on social media and they will be motivated to work for their community.

Bangladesh: Agricultural News Agency

  April 8, 2014

Agricultural news still very partial part of any weekly, monthly or daily news paper. It is not attracting our end users including farmers because of it incomplete presentation. Incomplete presentation useless as news or information. On the other hand specialist in agricultural news reporting& efficiency is very poor in our region. The new technology to pick news, information & analysis has been introduced & thee distribution system also changed. Top users like newspaper, other print media, electronic media, researchers looking for rightly picked & distributed.