Proposals Benin

Benin: Ganvié – Living Conditions Exposed

  April 14, 2014

Most people who visit Ganvié are tourists who come to see the Toffin people's unique way of life. The precarious living conditions of the inhabitants, however, never make the news. The project will equip selected secondary school students with the skills to produce a blog on that will shed light on their living conditions.The student journalists will expose the lack of basic infrastructure, clean drinking water, and sanitation services available. Over the three days of hands-on training,they will learn basic journalistic writing, photography, and social media skills.

Benin: Friends for the 21st Century Literacy

  April 7, 2014

This is one of our thought-provoking projects of this year 2014 and will help young people master new technologies of information and communication to share experiences and use those tools in their story telling. Our main idea is to use social media and other tools to deliver our mission; to show young people with new technologies of information and communication they can do amazing things liable to help them be knowledgeable and ready to focus on their field of interest as young undergraduate from disadvantaged area.