Proposals Bhutan

Bhutan: “E-ngage Youth”

  April 14, 2014

The Project will create an increased awareness on media literacy amongst the school going youth and high school dropouts, who reside at Changjiji Housing Complex by conducting a series of media literacy/engagement classes. A local media expert will conduct photojournalism, digital storytelling and video-blogging classes. Through this training we hope that the youth will not only gain an understanding of how media functions, but also get their voices heard and be a part of our democratic processes.

Bhutan: Giving 90 Youths an Opportunity for Employment through Multimedia Skill Development

  March 18, 2014

Youth Media Center will provide a platform for disadvantaged youths to discover their talents, develop their skills by training them in the field of multimedia and ultimately securing their life by creating opportunities for employment. Through our programs we will inject and instill the sense of professionalism in their work so that they find a place to market their talent. Helping the youth to become a responsible and productive citizen will be our continuous effort.