· April, 2014

Proposals Bolivia from April, 2014

Bolivia: SW Chaski (Incas Messenger) Keep Running

  April 14, 2014

The project involves the recovery, restoration, classification and production of a digital archive of a part and some sections of the children's magazine “The Chaski” published in Bolivia between the 80s and 2000, for posterior publication in a Web Site who contribute development and integral education of Bolivian children in school age, creating a space for free expression and promotion of reading and writing through digital supports as a first step to stop the digital divide: proposing from the website an information and interaction place for children.

Bolivia: Building Macro-Worlds with Micro-Histories

  April 14, 2014

The project aims to see registered and represented the view of the inhabitants of Villa Coronilla, an outlying neighborhood of Cochabamba, through the use of technology, creativity and forming modes, using a free network enabled to enhance the logic of sharing and creating together through active feedback with hackers, activists, artists, journalists and other citizens. Our work will be done from three areas: specific training about creativity, training in the use of equipment, and training in the use of networks to connect and dialogue.

Bolivia: The Voice of Bolivian Shoe Shiners

  April 12, 2014

8 years we provide shoeshiners a voice & opportunities- published 47 editions of a magazine sold & written by 50 shoeshiners who keep all profit if they attend weekly workshops on personal growth and work on the magazine. Currently we have 30 in technical education scholarships, incl. communication and design, 20 on school support, and we give health & legal support. We propose expanding from printed to online media to improve the human rights situation of shoeshiners through thier own empowerment: providing physical means, facilities, & training resulting in a global online voice.

Bolivia: The Bolivian School Network for Peace

  April 11, 2014

Our main goal is to contribute to peace building at school communities by creating a digital network where teachers, parents and students can share experiences and information about how to overcome violence situations. In order to achieve our goal, and since there is a lack of reflection about the advantages and disadvantages of the ICT implementation at Bolivian schools, we want to develop and strengthen skills about internet, cyberbullying and digital tools in teachers and parents. Finally, we will motivate a massive participation and practical use of the acquired skills creating a contest.

Bolivia: A Digital Travel Through Time

  April 10, 2014

These project has the main purpose or bring closeness to elderly people to the world of informatics communicational technology so trough these the elderly people can express their life ideas and experiences focus in their culture, reality, coyuntural problematics, dreams and expectations. In this way we reduce the technological breach that is commonly associated to elderly people. Also we seek to promote the memory exercise trough interactive games and tablets, emotional and therapeutic work and the physical developing with an adapting change, focus in promote a life wellbeing.

Bolivia: Indigenous Youth to the Rescue of Musical Identity

  April 7, 2014

Young ayllu Cochabamba strengthen the cultural wealth of poetry, sound and musical performance by singing the songs will be recorded and issued to disseminate experience in all areas and populations. Dissemination tool will be building post cast, digital photography, every young indigenous and group will be trained in the management and construction of these multimedia. The methodology recovered principles, values, knowledge from the experience of grandparents, to see where we are, recover lost values and shared with the community and the new world projections.

Bolivia: Indigenous Women Against Gender Violence

  April 7, 2014

Since the project will use new technologies to make a campaign, visualization and awareness against gender violence. Through the production of a documentary video arrive, Women and indigenous and non-indigenous men of the country and the world; in order to uproot a cultural pattern of legitimization of violence against women within and outside the communities achieving recognition of the existence and enforcement of human rights to which indigenous women against violence and in favor of the construction culture of peaceful coexistence promoted by the same Bolivian Constitutional text.

Bolivia: Voices and Experiencies From the Chiquitanos

  April 7, 2014

To train young people from the Chiquitanos to be local reporters and share through radio and Blogs, their culture, traditions, and daily activities which relate also to the national situation. The project aims at answering the need for indigenous voices to be heard and the need to access communication mediums that are global in scope. We will hold work shops aimed at creating technical skills, and we will also promote communication strategies aimed at creating awareness for their specific identity and respect for their rights.