Proposals Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Little Voices

  April 14, 2014

The project will work with children placed in closed institutions in Bulgaria (social care institutions, reformatory facilities). Although reform in them is underway, much remains to be done in terms of functioning/quality of provided services. As important stakeholders they need to be involved in the reforms that will affect them. We will conduct a training in citizen journalism and storytelling to encourage child participants to find their voices and personal stories and socialize them as informed and active citizens in the reform process.

Bulgaria: Syrian voices in Europe

  April 9, 2014

This project aims to present the daily lives and struggles of the Syrian refugee population in Bulgaria by creating an online blog in Bulgarian and English, which is to be filled with pictures and stories from the refugee camps. The purpose is to get the Bulgarian public acquainted with their problems. The idea is to provide up to 10 people with smartphones to create picture and video content, which is then to be edited and translated from Arabic to Bulgarian and English and disseminated through social networks and other online tools.